Vieuphoria (VHS/DVD)

Release Info:
Released as a VHS video by Modivation Films/Virgin Records on October 4, 1994. It was later
re-released as a DVD with some bonus features on Novemeber 26, 2002 by EMI/Virgin Records.

Notable Names:
All songs performed by the Smashing Pumpkins except "Homos" and "I Only Play For Money"
performed by The Frogs. Long form produced by Modi for Modivation films. "The Making of Siamese
Dream" segment and "Quiet"-live in Atlanta 1993 were directed by Modi. Segments such as D'arcy's
Tea Party and "A Boy and His Bugg" were short films directed by the band themselves*.

Recorded (When and Where):
Live performances and segments recorded at various locations between 1988 and 1994. Post-
production for the VHS was done in 1993-1994 at Absolute Post Inc.

Other Info:
The performance of "Silverfuck" is listed as "Silvercrank" on the VHS and "Silver****" on the "clean"
version of the DVD. Clean version of the DVD was also apparently "edited". This performance also
includes a tease of "Over the Rainbow" at the end, which is not included on the original promo
version of Earphoria, which is came as an audio CD companion to the VHS (only 1000 copies made).
The DVD version has extras such as the 1994 Lost Tapes, a segment where fans can watch never
before seen concert footage from 1994, and "The Unbearable Likeness of Manny", which is the
entire documentary about the making of Siamese Dream. A small portion of this documentary was
included in the original Vieuphoria VHS and on the DVD's main feature. After Modi filmed this
documentary in 1993, she came up with the concept for Vieuphoria and SP agreed once the record
took off. However, the idea to make the video very fan-based was Billy Corgan's idea. Billy also
came up with idea for the band to do their own short films like "A Boy and His Bugg", and "Up Close
and Personal with Jimmy Chamberlin". Other random weirdness, such as fans getting interviewed
about what band body part would they be (eg. James hands) would they be was also included.
For more info, check out our interview with Modi.
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