Some of this information comes from sources such as: SP Chronology , The Jim Stapelton
 Book, (News Archives),as well as the now defunct websites:Nikki's Newstand,
and Addicted to Noise.
circa 1985-86- The Marked break up, Billy returns to Chicago "with his tail between his legs".
1987-Billy's friend introduces him to a young guitarist named James Iha and the first form of the
Smashing Pumpkins is created. They start "writing little goth-pop songs". They are kind of a new wave
band at this point, their drummer-the good old drum machine. James was in a band called Snaketrain
at that time.
July 9th-The Pumpkins have their first gig ever at a Polish Bar in Chicago. Later that year, Billy
Corgan met D'arcy Wretzky outside the Chicago Avalon nightclub, according to one source (Jim
Stapelton Book)-Billy first words to D'arcy was "You're full of shit" because she liked a band he thought
sucked. She had been in a band and was recently in Europe(France).The band they were arguing about
was the band she was in, The Dan Reed Network. D'arcy joined the Pumpkins after a visit to Billy's house, she was impressed by his music.
August 10th-The three of them played to 50 people at the Avalon Nightclub, where D'arcy and Billy met,
for $1 a ticket. Joe Shannahan, Chicago Metro owner was impressed, and said he would give them a gig
if they got a drummer. Billy was told by a friend to hire a drummer from JP and the Cats by the name of
Jimmy Chamberlain.
October 5th-Played a small show at the Metro. It is the first show for the Pumpkins as a four-piece band.
November-They open for Jane's Addiction, Jimmy is there permanent drummer and this is their fourth gig
March 17-The Pumpkins play the "Light into Dark" concert at the Chicago Cabaret Metro on Billy's birthday.
April 12-"Light into the Dark" LP is released on Halo Records with two SP tracks:
"Sun" and "My Dahlia".
In fall, the "Moon" and "Eye" demos are released and the Pumpkins gain a following in Chicago and starting
touring out of Chicago. The Pumpkins released "I Am One" off Limited Potential as a limited edition vinyl
with a b-side, "Not Worth Asking". It immediately sold out of his limited edition.
December 1990-Sub Pop released the Butch Vig produced Pumpkins vinyl "Tristessa" on 7" and 12". It had
the B-side, "La Dolly Vita" with an extra track on the German 12", "Honeyspider". They signed with Caroline
Records and started recording Gish with Butch Vig as producer. They went to a show in Madison, Wisconsin
for "The Frogs", they thought they'd hate them but they ended up loving "The Frogs". They began to record
their debut album, Gish.

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