Smashing Pumpkins General Sites

-SP's official site is back online and relaunched-check it out
-Official Myspace for The Smashing Pumpkins
-Multi-faceted site with extensive song list and forums
-Web Portal for the SP Community, and home to SPLRA
-Probably the largest SP database on the internet
-Fan produced art, forums, and SP music and videos
-Includes one of the most popular SP message boards
-New site from the creator of the old U-Board
-Source for song secrets; is no longer updated
-General site with some rare SP mp3 files
-Includes many variations of the SP Heart logo and more.
-New general Smashing Pumpkins fan site
-A brand new general Smashing Pumpkins fan site
-SP inspired site with unique content like flash animations

-The largest collection of Smashing Pumpkins images online
-A legendary audio and video archive in the SP community
-A good source for lossless audio and video
-Original desktop themes, fonts, and more.
-No longer updating; includes Machina II for download

-Home to the classic Listessa SP fan mailing list and more
-Probably the largest database of SP fans online
-Satirical comic about the fictional trials + tribulations of BC
-Well established SP related message board
-Forum made from the ashes of Western
-Relatively new message board for all things related to SP
-Portal for finding local SP fan meetup pages @ Myspace
-A virtual tour of SP memorabilia from vinyl to posters
Smashing Pumpkins International Sites

-Dedicated to the Australian SP fan community
-An Italian Smashing Pumpkins fan website
-A Brazilian Smashing Pumpkins fan site
-German language SP forums; not related to GC cd

-Billy Corgan's Official Website (redirects to
-Official site for Jimmy Chamberlin's solo project
-Largest fan site dedicated to SP's ex-bassist, D'arcy
-Record label co-founded by D'arcy, James Iha and others
-Official site for Melissa Auf Der Maur's band
-Official fan site dedicated to Melissa Auf Der Maur
-Touring drummer for SP 1996-97, + Billy Corgan solo tour.
-SP ex-touring keyboardist's official site
-Touring drummer for the Adore Tour
-Official site for former SP producer, Butch Vig's band
-Touring keyboardist + backup vocalist for Billy's solo tour
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