Section Information
-Back in 2001, we stopped updating
Mediaflash due to lack of interest and
the end of the band. This was with the
promise of special articles from time to
time. Back in 2006, we printed a few
new feature articles.

-Now with the Pumpkins return in full
swing, we are looking to properly relaunch
Mediaflash as a full netzine. So we are
looking for fans to submit articles, whether you are an aspiring journalist or not.

-There is no age requirement, but we
are looking for writers that will be able to provide readers with a balanced and engaging view of the band.

-Do not feel intimidated to submit something, after all, we aren't
professionals either. Feel free to submit
album/concert reviews, editorials,
interviews, feature articles, or
anything else SP related that you would
normally see in a magazine.

-We know everyone has lives outside of
the SP community, so we will make this
netzine quarterly, with a new issue out this
Spring. We will also make it interactive
by integrating multimedia elements as we
did when we originally published issues.

-To either propose your idea or submit a
rough/complete article, please email us.

-Please try to make the submission
topical. While say a retrospective on
Zwan is fine, an album review of Adore,
a decade late is not ;).

Last Updated: March 09, 2008

Newest Issue/Articles
Back Issues
-Issue #1:SP history in short (November '97)

-Issue #2:Scratchie Records, a preview of
Let It Come Down and the drummers in SP
history (December 1997)

-Issue #3:includes an article by's
Josh Provost about the Post-MCIS tour, a
review of Let It Come Down, and an editorial
about the media criticism of Billy Corgan
(March 1998)

-Issue #4:includes a review of Adore, an
editorial about MP3s, and a preview of the
Adore tour (July 1998)

-Issue #5:Special Anniversary Issue- includes a website review of TSP Collection, with an
interview with Steve Hemming; an editorial
about the backlash against Adore, and a
reminscence of the Minneapolis free concert
(November 1998)

-Issue #6: includes an exclusive interview
with Mike Garson, a review of Machina, and a
website review of Siva (February 2000)

-Issue #7: includes an interview with Modi,
the director of Vieuphoria, a review of the
United Center show, and a feature about
what SP fan webmasters would do after the
original break up of the band (January 2001)
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