Updated: March 09, 2008
Added new concert for download: February 05, 2008-Zurich, Switzerland show. Also, revamped the look of the
audio section, linking to the tour history pages for the concerts currently hosted. Cleaned up the look of the
Zeitgeist information page and the related tour pages, and added new info, including links to recently announced
tour dates that are currently on sale. Updated the Mediaflash page with a notice regarding our call for writers,
and plans to relaunch the Mediaflash SP netzine. Also updated the newsticker.

There have been various updates on Landslide over the past several months, and a recent massive update of
Landslide Radio (Rock Invasion), as well updates to the the Act IV site and Myspace that were unaccounted for.
Updated: June 22, 2007
Updated the Zeitgeist information page with all the latest news, tour dates, and setlists. Also added the two SP
concerts to the audio section, May 22nd @ Le Grand Rex in Paris, France, and June 5th @ Zitadelle Spandau, a
secret acoustic show SP performed in Berlin for 100-200 lucky fans/contest winners. Look out for various updates
on on our other pages the past few weeks: Act IV site, Act IV Myspace , and Official Canadian Smashing Pumpkins
. Add new link to SPFreaks.com
Last Updated: April 29, 2007
Updated the Omnipedia for the first time in a long while. Now the vast majority of the Siamese Dream era is now
complete, including converting over all the discography files for that era, adding some new song files (eg. "Over the
Rainbow" + "Star Spangled Banner"), as well as updating the look of some song files like "Siamese Dream". Some
redundacies still exist for discography files, but those will be removed once some of the song files for the other
eras are done. Next up will likely be Post-Pumpkins/pre-revival SP material (eg. Greatest Hits, Untitled, Sparrow,and
more). Updated the new Zeitgeist album/tour information page with the latest info, which will be done as frequently
as possible.
Last Updated: April 19, 2007
Added a new information page to give fans at a glance look into the latest news relating to the band, their new
album, Zeitgeist, and their impending tour dates. We felt it was necessary to do this, to add enough detail that
would not be practical in the news ticker on our front page. We also added 52 new tracks to Rock Invasion Radio
(Landslide's Internet Radio Station). Aside from the usual suspects such as SP, Garbage, Flux a.d,etc, we also
added songs by bands we had not previously done ever: Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Auf Der Maur. If you
can afford it, please become a VIP member, to help Live365 and us pay the higher royalty rates for your favorite
artists that are now in effect. In other matters, we updated the Act IV site and Myspace recently with new songs
and added a handy 'add to cart' button that will give you more options when buying Ghost Children/Friends and Enemies .
Last Updated: February 4, 2007
Added new concert for download: August 11, 2000 in Barrie, ON. It was the 5th out of 8 stops for SP's headlining
gig on the Summersault touring festival in Canada. Updated the links section by removing old links and adding some
new ones. Most notably, replacing the U-board link with Smashing-Pumpkins.co.uk which has replaced the old board
and will evolve into a website of its own. Also, added a link to Smashing Pumpkins Fans of the World, a myspace
page that acts as a portal for all the SP fan meetup pages that have popped up around myspace lately. Updated
the ticker with the latest announcements from SP.

Also updated the Act IV site and Myspace pages over the past couple of months. Of particular interest is making
ithe Act IV 2002 videos embedded into the Act IV site. Created a Canadian SP fans page on Myspace on Dec. 12.
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