2008 Tour Dates
-January 27, 2008- Arena- Belgrade, Serbia
-January 29, 2008- Arena- Budapest, Hungary
-January 30, 2008- T-Mobile- Prague, Czech Republic
-January 31, 2008- Stadthalle- Vienna, Austria
-February 2, 2008- Forum- Milan, Italy
-February 3, 2008- PalaMalaguti- Bologna, Italy
-February 5, 2008- Hallenstadion- Zurich, Switzerland (Set)
-February 6, 2008- Bercy- Paris, France
-February 9, 2008- Royal Dublin Society- Dublin, Ireland
-February 10, 2008- Kings Hall- Belfast, N. Ireland
-February 12, 2008- SECC Hall- Glasgow, Scotland
-February 14, 2008- Nottingham Arena- Nottingham, UK
-February 15, 2008- MEN Arena- Manchester, UK
-February 16, 2008- O2 Arena- London, UK
-February 18, 2008- Brabenthalle- Den Bosch, Netherlands
-February 19, 2008- Forest National- Brussels, Belgium
-February 21, 2008- Olympiahalle- Munich, Germany
-February 22, 2008- Jahrhunderthalle- Frankfurt, Germany
-February 23, 2008- Arena- Berlin, Germany
-February 24, 2008- Koenig-Pilsener Arena- Oberhausen,
-February 26, 2008- Colorline Arena- Hamburg, Germany
-February 27, 2008- Valbyhallen- Copenhagen, Denmark
-February 29, 2008- Spektrum- Oslo, Norway
-March 1, 2008- Hovet- Stockholm, Sweden
-March 3, 2008- Ice Hall- Helsinki, Finland
-March 20, 2008- TSB Arena- Wellington, New Zealand**
-March 22, 2008- Vector Arena- Auckland, New Zealand**
-March 24, 2008- Westpac Arena- Christchurch, New Zealand**
-March 27, 2008- Hordern Pavillion- Sydney, Australia
-March 29, 2008- Centennial Park- Sydney Australia**^
-March 30, 2008- Avica Resort- Gold Coast, Australia**^
-March 31, 2008- Convention Centre- Brisbane, Australia
-April 2, 2008- Entertainment Centre- Adelaide, Australia**
-April 4, 2008- Festival Hall- Melbourne VIC, Australia**
-April 5, 2008- Showgrounds- Melbourne, Australia**^
-April 6, 2008- The Esplande (City)- Perth, Australia**^
-April 12, 2008- Curva 4 Del Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez-
Mexico City, Mexico**
-April 14, 2008- Guadalajara Arena-Guadalajara, Mexico**
-April 16, 2008- Monterrey Arena- Monterrey, Mexico**
-April 19, 2008- Autodromo La Guacima-San Jose, Costa Rica**

**-signifies concerts that have tickets currently on-sale
^-signifies Virgin Music Festival dates

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Newest SP News/Articles
-Exclusive Interview with Jeff Schroeder
(Source: Gibson.com)
-Half of Us: Billy Corgan (Source: MTV U)
-Interview with Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin
(Source: GuitarCenter.com)
-Zeitgeist Goes Gold (Source: SmashingPumpkins.com)
SP Revival/New Album Info
-The Smashing Pumpkins are currently on the world tour
for Zeitgeist. The current line-up is: Billy Corgan, Jimmy
Chamberlin, Jeff Schroeder, Ginger Reyes, and Lisa

New album info
-Title: Zeitgeist (full album stream)
-Release Date: July 10, 2007 (in stores and on iTunes)
-Produced by: Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin, with
Roy Thomas Baker and Terry Date

-There were several different versions released
(Read this post) including a silver Zeitgeist with bonus
DVD later on October 30, 2007.

-Zeitgeist charting debuts worldwide: Canada #1,
USA #2, New Zealand #1, U.K. #4, Italy #5, Switzerland #5, Germany #7, Holland #7, and Australia #8.
-Zeitgeist debuted at #1 worldwide-244, 000 copies

-Certified Gold by the RIAA (February 1, 2008)

-"Tarantula" (Watch the Video)
-"That's the Way (My Love Is) (Watch the Video)
-"Doomsday Clock" (Digital single only)

American Gothic EP
-Release Date: January 2, 2008 (on iTunes in North
America); now available in many countries worldwide
on both iTunes and in stores
-Includes 4 tracks recorded after SP's 2007 tour
-Bonus live tracks on the UK Tour Edition

Fresh Cuts 2
Compilation only available at Guitar Center stores in
the USA. Includes tracks by employees, and a recording
of the Pumpkins jam, "Superchrist". It was recorded
during early 2008, but the riff for the song was created
during the Zeitgeist sessions, and played around with
live on tour before recording.

-"Superchrist" (Watch the Video-Myspace only: very low

-View past tour dates and information.

-Watch SP comment track by track on Zeitgeist!

-Listen to an interview with Billy and Jimmy about Zeitgeist and more (also includes songs from Zeitgeist I believe).

- Watch videos of the Pumpkins' October 21st performance at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA

-Watch exclusive performances and an interview from the AOL Sessions

-Watch Day in the Life of the Pumpkins @ SP.com

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