Section Information
Welcome to the Audio section of Landslide. In order to cater to
as many fans as possible, we have all the shows in mp3 format.
While lossless is preferable, not everyone has fast or reliable
internet connections, or the hard drive space to store SHNs or
FLACs. Of course, all of these shows have been converted over
from their original lossless formats. To download a show,
please right click the links and select 'save target as' or
''save link as' depending on your browser.

We will rotate the shows from time to time. We also are willing to accept fan requests for shows in mp3 or if you have a
lossless show you would like to donate to be mirrored in mp3
here, let us know. If you are requesting a show, please be
advised that we won't necessarily be able to find the show
you want, but we will try our best to track it down if there is a
good recording out there.

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Shows Available for Download
-May 22, 2007-Le Grand Rex-Paris, France

-June 5, 2007-Zitadelle Spandau-Berlin, Germany

-February 5, 2008-Hallenstadion-Zurich, Switzerland

All the current shows hosted on Landslide are Pumpkins
concerts from their revival tour shows in 2007 and
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