May 22, 2007-Le Grand Rex, Paris
Show Info and Multimedia
This concert at Le Grand Rex is Paris marked the first
time that the Pumpkins had hit the stage since their
''farewell' show at the Metro in Chicago back on
December 2nd, 2000. It also marked the debut of new
guitarist, Jeff Schroeder; new bassist, Ginger Reyes,
and keyboardist, Lisa Harriton.

To the left you will find the setlist for the show, including
links for downloading the entire show in mp3. The
recording was transferred from FLAC files. The donor
of the recording (a friend of ours) has agreed to allow
us to host these mp3 versions of the songs. As recommended by the taper, we have removed the fade
in/out tracks, as to create a more seamless concert
experience for those of you not able to download lossless versions of the show. To download the show,
please right click the links and select 'save target as' or
''save link as' depending on your browser.

View Photos from the show over at this blog (not by us)

Watch the first official tour video, using footage from behind the scenes and concert footage from Le Grand

"Doomsday Clock" video live @ Le Grand Rex (posted by

For more official live videos, check out's SP official website!
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