2007 Tour Dates
-May 22, 2007-Le Grand Rex-Paris, France (Set)
-May 24, 2007-den Atelier-Luxembourg (Setlist)
-May 26, 2007-Ancienne Belgique-Brussels, Belgium (Setlist)
-May 28, 2007-Pinkpop Festival-Megaland, Landgraaf, NL (Set)
-May 31, 2007-Primavera Sound Festival-Barcelona, Spain (Set)
-June 2, 2007-Rock Am Ring Festival-Nürburgring, Germany(Set)
-June 3, 2007-Rock Im Park Festival-Nürnberg, Germany (Set)
-June 5, 2007- Zitadelle Spandau-Berlin, Germany (Set)++
-June 6, 2007-Columbiahalle-Berlin, Germany (Set)
-June 9, 2007-Oeiras Alive!-Lisbon, Portugal (Set)
-June 11, 2007-Myspace: The List show in Madrid, Spain (Set) ++
-June 12, 2007-Pepe World Festival-Madrid, Spain (Set)
-June 15, 2007-Nova Rock Festival-Nickelsdorf, Austria (Set)
-June 16, 2007-Heineken Festival-Venice, Italy **CANCELLED**
-June 17, 2007-Greenfield Festival-Interlaken, Switerzland (Set)
-June 19, 2007-Shepherds Bush Empire-London, England (Set)

-June 23, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-June 24, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-June 26, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-June 27, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-June 29, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-June 30, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-July 2, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-July 3, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-July 5, 2007-Orange Peel-Asheville, NC (Set)
-July 7, 2007-Live Earth-Giants Stadium-East Rutherford, NJ (Set)
-July 9, 2007-Late Show with David Letterman-New York, NY(Set)
-July 10, 2007-XM Live Performance Studio-Washington, DC (Set)
-July 10, 2007-930 Club-Washington, D.C. (Set)
-July 13, 2007-Late Show w/David Letterman-New York, NY (Set)
-July 15, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 16, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 18, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 19, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 20, 2007-Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium-Santa Cruz, CA (Set)
-July 22, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 24, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 25, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 27, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 28, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 30, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-July 31, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-August 1, 2007-The Fillmore-San Francisco, CA (Set)
-August 5, 2007-Virgin Festival USA-Pimlico Race Course-
Baltimore, Maryland, USA (Set)

-August 12, 2007-Cirkus-Stockholm, Sweden
-August 14, 2007-Vega-Copenhagen, Denmark
-August 16, 2007-Fort of St. Pere-St. Malo, France
-August 17, 2007-Pukklepop Festival-Hasselt, Belgium
-August 19, 2007-Theatre De Plein Air-Colmar, France
-August 22, 2007-Carling Academy-Glasgow, Scotland
-August 24, 2007-Leeds Festival-Braham Park-Leeds, UK
-August 26, 2007-Reading Festival-Richfield Avenue-Reading, UK
-August 29, 2007-Terra Vibe Park-Athens, Greece
-September 1. 2007-Rock N Coke Festival-Hezarfen Airfield-
Istanbul, Turkey

-September 8, 2007-Osheaga Music and Arts Festival-Montreal, Quebec, Canada
-September 9, 2007-Virgin Festival-Toronto Island Park-Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
-September 13, 2007-The Pearl-Las Vegas, NV
-September 16, 2007-Tucson Electric Park-Tucson, AZ
-September 18, 2007-Dodge Theater-Phoenix, AZ
-September 19, 2007-SDSU Open Air Theatre-San Diego, CA
-September 21, 2007-Pet Aid 2007-The Amphitheater at Clark
County-Ridgefield, WA (Portland area)
-September 22, 2007-Endfest 16-Quest Field-Seattle, WA
-September 24, 2007-PNE Forum-Vancouver, BC
-September 28, 2007-McKay Center-Salt Lake City, UT
-September 30, 2007-Red Rocks-Morrison, CO
-October 2, 2007-Wilkins Auditorium-Minneapolis, MN
-October 4, 2007-Braden Auditorium-Normal, IL
-October 7, 2007-Fox Theatre-Detroit, MI
-October 9, 2007-Palumbo Center-Pittsburgh, PA
-October 11, 2007-LC Pavillion-Columbus, OH
-October 13, 2007-Orpheum Theatre-Boston, MA
-October 15, 2007-Orpheum Theatre-Boston, MA
-October 16, 2007-Orpheum Theatre-Boston, MA
-October 19, 2007-Tower Theatre-Upper Darby, PA
-October 21, 2007-Tower Theatre-Upper Darby, PA
-October 22, 1007-Tower Theatre-Upper Darby, PA
-October 23, 2007-Tower Theatre-Upper Darby, PA
-October 25, 2007-Mud Island Amphitheatre-Memphis, TN
-October 27. 2007-Voodoo Festival-City Park-New Orleans, LA
-October 28, 2007-Fox Theatre-Atlanta, GA
-October 31, 2007-Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion-Houston, TX
-November 3, 2007-Nokia Theatre-Dallas, TX
-November 5, 2007-Ryman Auditorium- Nashville, TN
-November 7, 2007-Classic Center Theater- Athens, GA
-November 8, 2007-War Memorial Auditorium- Greensboro, NC
-November 9, 2007-Township Auditorium- Columbia, SC
-November 11, 2007-Ryman Theatre- Nashville, TN
-November 13, 2007-The Backyard- Austin, TX
-November 15, 2007-Fox Theatre- Atlanta, GA
-November 16, 2007-Fox Theatre- Atlanta, GA
-November 18, 2007-Nokia Theatre, Dallas, TX

Newest SP News/Articles
-Exclusive Interview with Jeff Schroeder
(Source: Gibson.com)
-Half of Us: Billy Corgan (Source: MTV U)
-Interview with Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin
(Source: GuitarCenter.com)
-Zeitgeist Goes Gold (Source: SmashingPumpkins.com
SP Revival/New Album Info
-The Smashing Pumpkins are currently on the world tour
for Zeitgeist. The current line-up is: Billy Corgan, Jimmy
Chamberlin, Jeff Schroeder, Ginger Reyes, and Lisa

New album info
-Title: Zeitgeist (full album stream)
-Release Date: July 10, 2007 (in stores and on iTunes)
-Produced by: Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin, with
Roy Thomas Baker and Terry Date

-There were several different versions released
(Read this post) including a silver Zeitgeist with bonus
DVD later on October 30, 2007.

-Zeitgeist charting debuts worldwide: Canada #1,
USA #2, New Zealand #1, U.K. #4, Italy #5, Switzerland #5, Germany #7, Holland #7, and Australia #8.
-Zeitgeist debuted at #1 worldwide-244, 000 copies

-"Tarantula" (Watch the Video)
-"That's the Way (My Love Is) (Watch the Video)
-"Doomsday Clock" (Digital single only)

American Gothic EP
-Release Date: January 2, 2008 (on iTunes in North
America); now available in many countries worldwide
on both iTunes and in stores
-Includes 4 tracks recorded after SP's 2007 tour
-Bonus live tracks on the UK Tour Edition

Fresh Cuts 2
Compilation only available at Guitar Center stores in
the USA. Includes tracks by employees, and a recording
of the Pumpkins jam, "Superchrist". It was recorded
during early 2008, but the riff for the song was created
during the Zeitgeist sessions, and played around with
live on tour before recording.

-"Superchrist" (Watch the Video-Myspace only: very low

-View current tour dates and information.

-Watch SP comment track by track on Zeitgeist!

-Listen to an interview with Billy and Jimmy about Zeitgeist and more (also includes songs from Zeitgeist I believe).

- Watch videos of the Pumpkins' October 21st performance at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA

-Watch exclusive performances and an interview from the AOL Sessions

-Watch Day in the Life of the Pumpkins @ SP.com
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