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Issue 2 December, 1997

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Smashing Records-James and D'arcy's Scratchie Records By Steven Pukin
Going Solo-James Iha's Upcoming Album By David Pukin
From Drummer to Drummer By Steven Pukin
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Special Thanks to Zena Burns-Scratchie Publicist and Scratchie Records for allowing
 me to use the info, audio,etc. in this issue. 
Smashing Records
-James and D'arcy's Scratchie Records
An Article by Steven Pukin-Webmaster
Out of Chicago, comes Scratchie Records.The label was born from the minds of Jeremy
Freeman, D'arcy Wretzky-Brown, James Iha, Kerry Brown, Adam Schlesinger, and Jamie 
The start of the company was during a conversation in April 1995, three months later 
Scratchie was official. The concept of the company was a record label that wouldn't 
screw their artists and customers.
Unlike other record labels, Scratchie Records gives their customers chances to get
promotional sets and cd samplers before they have to fork over money for an artist's cd. 
With their artists, the owners appear at concerts, etc., they seem to be a very
professional and casual with their artists at the same time. Scratchie Records isn't your 
typical record label, they aren't the money grubbing "suits" that people commonly 
associate with record labels. If the stereoype is really true, then Scratchie Records is the
Scratchie Records' artists aren't the copycat bands that make the music business so bad
today. Like D'arcy and James, (Also, Billy of course), their artists are unique and original.
The Frogs: One of Billy Corgan's favorites, are a band that is very underground. They 
have songs that you really need a sense of humour for. If you don't have a sense of 
humor, you probably won't listen because they sing about things that would be considered
politically incorrect. But that's you, for those of us with a sense of humor, you can find 
the Frogs on their latest release Starjob. The album was produced by Billy Corgan. They 
were also featured on the 1994 Smashing Pumpkins video cassette, Vieuphoria.
Listen to a real audio clip: Lord Grunge from Starjob.
Chainsaw Kittens: Hailing from Oklahoma, released their fourth album, Chainsaw Kittens
on Scratchie. Touring with the likes of the Pumpkins, Janes Addiction, and Iggy Pop, shows
that they are respected by their peers. The Chainsaw Kittens have a melodic sound at 
times while still having twisted lyrics. The Chainsaw Kittens were formerly on Mammoth
Records, they have released 3 albums and 3 EPs, as well as some singles. 
Listen to a real audio clip: Grandaddy's Candy from the Grandaddy's Candy EP.
Fountains of Wayne: This New York based band fills their debut album with pop melodies
and incidious lyrics that you'll be humming in the car, the office/school, and before you go
to bed. Fountains of Wayne has short but sweet songs, including the single "Radiation Vibe".
Included in Fountains of Wayne is Adam Schlesinger , one of the owners' of Scratchie 
Records, who also produced the album. Fountains of Wayne toured with the Smashing 
Pumpkins for one leg of the Infinite Sadness Tour.
Listen to a real audio clip: Radiation Vibe from Fountains of Wayne.
Fulflej: Out of Virginia, come Fulflej, with their album Wack Ass Tuba Riff, their first on 
Scratchie Records. It all started, when Fulflej was opening for a Catherine show. Kerry
Brown (Catherine's Drummer, and Scratchie owner) and his wife D'arcy(you know who she
is) were impressed to say the least and they were signed immediately to Scratchie.
They released their single, "Work in the Universe" on 7" with "Parallel to Gravity". Their 
1993 demo tape alone,Funny *Things* Shine, gained reviews from all over the country, 
including a write-up in Alternative Press Magazine in June 1994. And Fulflej was called "bi-racial
weirdos" by Spin Magazine. D'arcy and James Iha produced Fulflej's Scratchie debut album.
Fulflej were formed in 1986.
Listen to a real audio clip:Work in the Universe from Wack Ass Tuba Riff.
Fondly:>Fondly is a trio from Chicago. They have gotten rave reviews from the press in
that area. They have called "one of those rare bands that struggles to push itself into a 
number of directions and ends up carving it's own niche in the process". (From CMJ jackpot
). There debut album was produced by Red Red Meat's Brian Deck.
Belltower: Once at the top of the British Indie Charts, disappeared for a few years. 
They're back and now on Scratchie with their single, "Underwatertown" Their sound is 
mostly composed of what Scratchie calls "guitar-heavy distortion and wafting melodies". 
On a side note, their bassist was the voice for the cartoon, "JEM".
Other Scratchie Artists: Phoenix Thunderstone-sound of the west coast underground, 
Freak Magnet-loud guitar-driven rock from Chicago, Ivy-pretty music with a hip hop 
flavour, Mike Ladd- incredible surrealistic hip-hop poetry, Lenky Don-jungle-dancehall 
master from NY, Pancho Kryztal-sweet dancehall sounds from Jamaica, and Blaze. These 
artists are last but certainly not least. 
This is Scratchie's promo cd available now.
Tracklist is as follows. 
1. Fulflej "Quite Like This" 
2. Pancho Kryztal "Silent Treatment" 
3. Fondly "4H" 
4. Mike Ladd "Padded Walls" 
5. Blaze "Melvin's Brain" 
6. Eszter Balint "Don't Forget Your Wrist" 
7. The Frogs "Lord Grunge" 
8. DJ Nabee Swift "Who's The Producer" 
9. Fountains Of Wayne "Karpet King" 
10. Phoenix Thunderstone "In & Out of Time" 
11. Chainsaw Kittens "King Monkey Smoke" 
12. Monkey Paw "Big Shooter" 
 For More Info go to the Official Scratchie Records Web Site
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 Going Solo
-James Iha's Upcoming Album 
An Article by David Pukin-Co-Webmaster
Besides being the rhythym guitarist, James Iha is also one of the songwriters. He also has
sang on a several tracks. So the idea of a making an album isn't alien to him. Talk of a solo
album by James Iha has been floating around for a while but now it's finally coming. The 
album is said to include songs with Nina Gordon. Nina Gordon is one of the lead vocalists
for the Chicago based band, Veruca Salt. This isn't the first time that the two have 
worked together.The first time was with the song, "Said Saidly", a b-side off of the Bullet
With Butterfly Wings single. James has also sang "Blew Away" from Pisces Iscariot, "Take
Me Down" from Mellon Collie, "Believe" and "The Boy" from the 1979 single, "A Night Like
This" from the BWBW single(TAFH version), and "The Bells" from the Thirty-Three single.
The new solo album is set to come out in Feburary 1998.
Veruca Salt's Nina Gordon
Listen to a real audio version of....Said Sadly

Here is the track listing: : "Be Strong Now," "Sound of Love," "Beauty," "See the Sun," 
"Country Girl," "Jealousy," "Lover, Lover," "Silver String," "Winter," "One and Two" and "No 
One's Gonna Hurt You".
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From Drummer to Drummer
By Steven Pukin-Webmaster
The summer of hell, 1996 was tragic the pumpkins not only lost their keyboardist but they
kicked out their drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin for his involvement in drugs. They were sick
of trying to help someone that wouldn't let anyone help him. 
At the '96 MTV Music Video Awards, they had a new drummer , Matt Walker. He wasn't as
great as Jimmy but he still was a pretty decent drummer. Matt went on to doing the rest
of the Infinite Sadness Tour with the Pumpkins. He also did part of the Ransom soundtrack
with Billy Corgan, The End is the Beginning is the End Single(Also, on Batman Soundtrack),
and part of the new album. Matt Walker's last show with the Pumpkins was on December
5th, opening for the Rolling Stones. 
Matt Cameron, formerly of Soundgarden now takes over for recording on the new album. It
is not been said if Cameron will be the permanent drummer. Only time will tell. 
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