Siva- A Smashing Pumpkins Web Site
Entertaining and comprehensive sites are hard to
find. Most sites lack the effort or time that is
required to make them worthwhile to visit. In fact,
many are amateurish, if not complete eyesores.
Siva is definitely not an example of this kind of 
site. Since it's inception in 1995, Siva has provided
the Smashing Pumpkins net community with
an interactive and increasingly comprehensive 
site. It's bulletin boards, and trading post have
been a benchmark for many sites existing today.
Siva's song list and discography are of interest
to the beginner to the most astute fan, giving 
info on just about any song or release that the
band has put out in the past 11 years. The site
also features a great audio section with real
audio from Pumpkins releases and live shows.
Also, Siva's picture archives are some of the 
largest among Smashing Pumpkins sites today.
Siva has just about everything you could ever
need from a Pumpkins site, including one of the
most up to date news sections- which also
includes past archives and articles. Not only is
this site comprehensive, it is aesthetically pleasing
to the eye with graphics and design not easily
By Steven Pukin
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