The Official Smashing Pumpkins Web Site
As you enter the site, you are greeted by the sight of
transforming shockwave graphic using alchemy symbols
present in the artwork of Machina. Currently, a loop of
"Dross" is played during the intro to the site as well. 
Recently revamped in the past year, the official site 
has evolved into something reminiscent of the Machina.
In 2001, the front page transformed into a futuristic
homage to Machina 2. For your listening pleasure, all of
Machina 2 was added in a real audio and MP3 as well.
On the audiovisual front, the site also includes the
fantastic SP radio and clips of the Machina songs. Not
to mention the archive of all the videos made by the
band in their career. 
If your looking for a little piece of
fun, check out the animations that incorporate the 
songs and plates from Machina. There also some
interesting twists look out for ;).
In the sites archives you'll photos taken at various
venues during the Sacred and Profane Tour, galleries
of artwork by Vasily Kafanov among other artists, and
Billy's cryptic 'Chards of Glass' messages. Additionally,
the site now features the complete story of Machina
and the meaning of Machina graphic.
The widely accessed message boards on the site, which
formerly included boards discussing the symbols and 
meaning behind Machina, now includes art and philosophy
forum.  Of course, the general SP forum and the other
traditional album, lyric, and non-sp forums are still there.
Possibly the weakest part of the site, is the image section
Yes, the pictures that are there are fantastic but the
section lacks bulk. At last count I believe there was
about 7 pictures (not counting the photos I mentioned
earlier). A far from comprehensive section. The links
section, also isn't very comprehensive. However, it does
link to a few of the better sites out there.
Aside from that, overall the official Pumpkins site is an
excellent web site. It is truly presented in the spirit of the
band and their final albums as it should. This site seems
to be continue to grow even in the absence of the band.
I look forward to what they have in store for us next.
David Pukin
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