Some of this information comes from sources such as: SP Chronology , The Jim Stapelton
 Book, (News Archives),as well as the now defunct websites:Nikki's Newstand,
and Addicted to Noise.
January 2001-At the start of the month, the Machina Mystery was revealed with the release of "Glass
and the Machines of God/a modern fable" on the SP official website. "Cash Car Star" and "Let Me Give the World to You" were released on a CD promo to radio stations a little later. Photos taken by James
Iha during the Resume The Pose Tour were featured in an issue of I-D, a British art/fashion/music/ culture magazine. The issue also included an interview with James about the end of the band and what his feature plans were. He mentioned that he wanted to eventually work on a new solo record new solo record, and collaborate with some of his friends' bands.
February 2001-Melissa Auf Der Maur was named Best Female Bassist for the Gibson Awards. Cheap
Trick's live cd, Silver was released on the 27th. The cd was a double disc set of their 25th anniversary homecoming concert from 1999 in Rockford, Illinois. Billy Corgan performed a few songs
with them on stage, all of which appear on the cd. The model on the cover of Adore, Amy Wesson appeared in this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Melissa Auf Der Maur may news again when she was interviewed by this month. She revealed that she had plans to release plans to release a photo diary of her years touring with Hole and The Smashing Pumpkins. Melissa
had recently recorded a bass part for Rufus Wainwright's newest release.
March 2001-It was revealed early in the month that James Iha started his own clothing line called
Vapor. Billy was rumoured to be collaborating with Marrianne Faithful on her new solo record and and with New Order on their new album (both would later become a reality). Jimmy Chamberlin was inducted into his hometown of Joliet's hall of fame. Billy performed later on in the month with Marriane Faithful at Metro during the 3rd Waltz benefit concert.
April 2001-James Iha was keeping busy again by producing Japanese pop star, Chara's new album.
The Pumpkins' former touring drummer, Matt Walker performed on the album. In a move that upset many SP fans in the online community, Rolling Stone mentioned SP's Adore in their commentary, "When Good Artists Make Bad Albums". Sebastian Bach was busy promoting the online sale of the Last Hard Men's album this month, which featured Jimmy Chamberlin on drums. On the 24th and 25th, James was busy again, performing on stage with former Shudder ToThink guitarist, Nathan
May 2001-Billy appeared on Guitar Legend's Top 100 guitarists list. James began collaborating with
Ivy on their latest album in NYC. Billy was rumoured to be joining New Order but these were quashed when bassist, Peter Hook revealed that he would be merely a temporary touring member. Billy filled the void left by keyboardist, Gillian Gilbert, who took indefinite leave from New Order to take care of her daughter. The Pumpkins' "I Am One" was featured on a cd compilation in celebration of Hut Recordings 10th anniversary.
June 2001-It was reported that Billy would be making a cameo appearence in the Jonas Akerlund film,
"Spun" and he recorded the soundtrack for it as well. Meanwhile, Melissa Auf Der Maur appeared on the soundtrack for the Comedy Central show, 'Mr. Show'.
July 2001-Billy Corgan made an appearance at the first installment of Act IV-A Tribute To The
Smashing Pumpkins on July 7th, 2001. Along with introducing the headliner, Kill Hannah, Corgan also announced their would be a Greatest Hits cd and DVD released before Christmas. The cd would include the last song the band I ever recorded, 'Untitled'. Billy also said that a limited number of copies would include a bonus disc-the followup to Pisces Iscariot, Judas O'Reilly. He also said that a DVD of the final SP concert at Metro was also in the works, which would include a documentary about the end of the band. But the release date of the Metro DVD would be no earlier the X-mas 2002. The concert also included performances by Ketamine (South Africa), D'arcy (the band from Hobart, IN), Lost Logic (Long Island, NY), Christophe Thibault (San Francisco), Lindsey Kuper (Iowa), and Robyn
Del Resario (San Diego). Also released at the concert was a tribute cd called Ghost Children, which
included covers by some of the performers from Act IV as well as people who had submitted demos to Act IV or the Ghost Children project itself. The concert was held at the legendary Metro nightclub in Chicago with a sold-out crowd. The day was eproclaimed Smashing Pumpkins Day in Chicago via a declaration signed by Chicago Mayor, Richard Daly. Ex-Pumpkins engineer, Bjorn Thorsrud approached Ketamine after seeing their performance at Act IV, to further develop their material. Billy, Jimmy, and Chris Holmes performed a cover of Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" for Bozo the Clown's farewell special, which aired on the 14th. On the 17th, Billy performed his first gig as touring guitarist with New Order with New Order in London. Corgan also colloborate with Paul Oakenfold and Lisa Marie Presley on their
respective forthcoming albums.He had also became Chicago band, Sleeping at Last's executive producer, trying to help them get signed. Billly was also rumoured to play as a part of a Breast Cancer benefit at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, but he later revealed that the rumour was not true. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness reached another milestone by being certified 9 times platinum by the
RIAA. Billy also continued touring with New Order as they joined the Area One tour on the 31st.
August 2001-Early in the month, the arguably horrible Pumpkins' tribute CD, Midnight in the Patch was
September 2001-It was revealed that there would be a cartoon on Screenblast based on the Glass and
the Machines of God fable. Billy described rational and story behind the comic in an interview with Screenblast, and revealed that the music would consist of remixes of SP songs, and possibly cover as well.
October 2001-On the 15th,the official SP website starting broadcasting a documentary about the band
called, "Graceful Swans of Never" in 6 installments over a period of 6 weeks. At that time, the
documentary was known to fans as The Smashing Pumpkins 1988-2000. Further details of the Greatest
Hits CD and DVD were revealed, including a complete tracklisting of the cd. Around this time, a video for
"Untitled" premiered on MTV Europe. The video consisted of a composite of live performances featured in the Vieuphoria video, as well as other live video from the archives and shots of the band recording the song at Chicago Recording Company. James returned to the studio to record a cover of The Beatles track, "Hey Bulldog" with The Blank Theory. Rumours were also spreading that James and Melissa would be forming a supergroup called Virgins with Ryan Adams, Evan Dando, and Jesse Malin. Meanwhile, tour dates were confirmed for Billy and Jimmy's new band, Zwan, which also features David Pajo and Matt Sweeney. In Zwan's first incarnation, The True Poets of Zwan, David Pajo was known only as Skullfisher.
November 2001-On the 6th, the post-humous single for "Untitled" was released. It featured the b-sides,
"Try, Try, Try" (Version 1) from Machina 2, as well an alternate version of "Age of Innocence". Billy appeared as a guest panelist on Politically Incorrect on the 12th. The Pumpkins were selected for The Record Academy's (Chicago chapter) 2001 Heroes award for musical accomplishment in the local
community. On the 14th, Zwan played the first gig, supporting Bonnie Prince Policy during an event to raise funds to reopen the RAWA Malalai hospital. 2 days later, on the 16th, Zwan played their first official their first offiical played their last gig of the mini-tour at the Roxy in Los Angeles on the 21st. Meanwhile,
screenings of the SP documentary, "Graceful Swans of Never" were shown throughout the month across
the US. The Greatest Hits CD, DVD, and Video were released on November 19th in the UK and the 20th in North America (see Landslide's discography for full details). The DVD/video included an alternate version of the "Untitled" video, which shows the band recording the song at Chicago Recording Company.
December 2001-The Zwan performed a series of shows under the name, Dhali Zwan. They performed both
early and late shows in Grand Rapids, Michgan @ The Intersection (Dec. 13th) and Indianapolis, Indiana @ Emerson Theatre (December 14th). Back on the 5th, the achivements of SP and other honorees were
celebrated at the dinner gala for The Record Academy's (Chicago chapter) 2001 Heroes Awards
January 2002-A remix of Glass' Theme was released on the internet, which was featured on the trailer for
the Screenblast cartoon, "Glass and the Machines of God". There was also talk of a Melissa Auf Der Maur
solo album, tenatively called "Auf Der Maur". Project for release at the end of 2002, the album was said
to include guests such as James Iha, Chris Holmes, members of Melissa's former band from Canada
-Tinker, as well as Rufus Wainwright. She also debuted her Black Sabbath cover band, Hands of Doom in
a NYC club. Billy Corgan also elaborated more on the story behind the "Glass" cartoon later on in the month.
February 2002-Melissa Auf Der Maur performed with her side project band, Chelsea on February 6th at LA's
Spaceland. The band also features, Paz from A Perfect Circle, Samantha Mahoney (former Hole drummer),
and Radio Sloan.
March 2002-On the 23rd, Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin performed at the 4th Waltz benefit concert in
April 2002-Zwan performed their first show of 2002 on the 5th with new bassist, Paz (A Perfect Circle) at
the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri. Meanwhile, an article/interview by James Iha was featured in Spin
Magazine. Billy reportedly bought a condo in Chicago's Gold Coast. Billy returned to Chicago for three sold
out shows at the Double Door from the 12th to the 15th.
May 2002-Zwan retook the stage at Q101's Jamboree on the 18th at Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, IL.
June 2002-At beginning of the month, it was revealed that the Metro DVD would be put on hold for the
time being. On the 29th, Melissa and her Black Sabbath cover band, Hands of Doom performed their first
show in Canada at Montreal's Campus Cafe. James Iha performed with The Blank Theory at Metro during
Mobfest on the 20th.
July 2002-On Canada Day, Hands of Doom took the stage as a part of Edgefest in Barrie (near Toronto).
The second installment of Act IV-A Tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins was held by fans of the band at
Metro in Chicago on the 5th. In support of the event, Joe Shanahan (Metro club owner) set up
screenings of the "Graceful Swans of Never" documentary through the Gene Siskel Memorial Film Center.
Screenings were held on the 6th and the 11th. Immediately following the 11th showing of the film, there
was there was a panel discussion about the Pumpkins with special panelists: Joe Shanahan, Greg Kot, Jim
Derogatis, Norm Weiner, and Hank Neurberger (Chicago Recording Company). Meanwhile, Zwan was busy
recording tracks for their forthcoming debut album. Joining Zwan in the studio was former Pumpkins
recording engineer, Bjorn Thorsrud.
August 2002-Marrianne Faithful's album, Kissing Time is released. Billy Corgan collaborated with her on
three songs: "I'm on Fire", "Where Ever I Go", and "Something Good"
September 2002-It was reported by a Swedish website that James Iha was allegedly assaulted and
robbed while in the country, working with a Swedish artist. Also, a song by James Iha called "Never Ever"
surfaces in the US. It was released earlier in Japan in the 2002-2003 Vapor catalog. The song was
described as sounding reminiscent of early SP Adore era material. On the 9th, the
members of Zwan begin
playing a series of open mic
nights at the Hideout in Chicago. Dubbed "Jack Sweeney's Open Mic Night"
the series of shows occurred every
Friday for 9 weeks straight. Some songs were performed by each
member solo, some
with other band members, but never as a whole band. Also, they played a mixture of
covers and Zwan originals.
November 2002-The last of the series of "Jack Sweeney's Open Mic" Nights occurs on the 4th. They also
retook the stage on the 26 at Park West in Chicago. Also, it was announced earlier in the month that Zwan
had signed deal with Reprise Records, with hopes of finishing recording
their album by year's end. The band's
first single, "Honestly" hits the airwaves in Chicago on Q101 on the 22nd.
On the 20th,Vieuphoria is released
as a DVD with extras including 40 minutes of concert footage
from 1994 called "The Lost Basement Tapes".
The CD companion to the video, Earphoria was also re-released.
This time it a commercial wide release
than a limited promotion.
December 2002-On the 2nd, "Honestly" is premiered on the airwaves in the rest of North America. Then on the 5th, Zwan performs in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Zwan performed at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. At the show, Billy was tripped by Bert McCracken of The Used. In response, Billy proceeded to kick McCracken in the stomach. Their mini-tour also comprised of a series of radio station
Christmas events
starting in Boston on the 11th and ending on the 18th at the Opera House inToronto. They
also performed a small set an and were interviewed on Much Music on the 17th
January 2003-At the start of the month, the video for "Honestly" premiered on MTV. From the 19-25,
Zwan played a sold-out 5 night stand at Metro. On the 23rd, they also performed "Honestly" on Late
Night with David Letterman. Their cd release party for their new album was at the Museum of
Industry and Science in Chicago on the 27th. Finally, the band released their first album, "Mary Star of
The Sea" on the 28th. The album debuted at peaked at #3 on Billboard, and #4 on Soundscan
(Canadian charts).

February 2003-Zwan played a small promotional tour in Europe, starting in Tokyo and ending on the 24th
in Libson Portugal. Some performances of note included an all acoustic set at Cafe de la Danse in Paris, as well as a series of radio performances in London for XFM and BBC. Early in month, JBTV aired an 1 hour
hour Zwan special on the 5th. The special included an interview, videos the band requested, and the
"Honestly" video. It was reported that James Iha, as well as Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, would be appearing
on Melissa Auf Der Maur's solo album, set for release sometime in the summer of 2003. March 2003-Zwan begins the North American leg of their world tour with a show in Minneapolis. On the
9th, Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin performed at the Fifth Waltz at Metro. They both performed
seperately for a few songs, as well as collaborating with jazz vocalist, Kurt Elling by covering Jimi
Hendrix's "Freedom. "Spun", the first feature film by Jonas Akerlund was released in
LA and NY on the
14th. The soundtrack featured Zwan's music. Billy also makes a cameo in the movie, playing a doctor.
It was announced at the end of the month that Zwan
would be releasing a CD and DVD in 2004 for
their acoustic incarnation, Djali Zwan. In addition to Paz,
Djali Zwan was reported to also now include
her sister, Anna at cello as well.
April 2003-The "Lyric" video is posted on the 9th on MTV's website, and then is premiered on MTV on the
10th. On the 12th, Zwan performs of Saturday Night Live. The songs that were played were "Lyric"
and "Settle Down".
Lisa Marie Presley's debut album, To Whom It May Concern was released. The album
featured a collaboration between Lisa and Billy Corgan. Billy co-wrote and played guitar on the song,
June 2003-Early in the month it is announced that Zwan would be cancelling the rest of their European
tour reportedly due to 'Family Matters'. The dates affected were the June 15th-Imola, Italy show and
The last show Zwan played was in St. Poelten, Austria on the 13th. The "Lyric" single was
released on the 2nd. posts Compilation One of the
performances at the Hideout. It was
It was announced that Probot, a side project organized by Dave Grohl, would be releasing their first
album in early fall. Probot also features Zwan's
Zwan's Matt Sweeney and Foo Fighters' producer Adam
Kasper. The band is described as death metal
and the album features different metal vocalists on each
On the 10th, Fountains of Wayne's newest album, Welcome Interstate Managers is released.
James Iha appears on this album. July 2003-At the start of the month, rumours of James Iha joining A Perfect Circle surface on the net,
but an article on does not confirm this, as well as the absence of a press release
to that effect. Finally it is confirmed that James Iha has joined A Perfect Circle by the band's official
website and

August 2003- The first indications of a Zwan breakup arise when bassist Paz Lenchantin announces
on her website that she has left Zwan, and will be touring with another Zwan member, David Pajo and
his band, Papa M. On the 12th, it is reported in Mix Magazine, that producer Bjorn Thorsrud and Manny
Sanchez are mixing Zwan's Aragon Ballroom show. This month, James Iha begins touring with A Perfect
Circle. Also, it is announced that Billy will be doing a poetry reading at the Art Institute of Chicago on
September 17.

September 2003- All rumours are finally confirmed, when Billy Corgan states that Zwan has broken up,
and that "his heart had been in the Smashing Pumpkins", and that he will be pursuing a solo career.
On the 17th, Billy does his poetry reading for the Art Insitute of Chicago, and takes a lot of slack from
the critics regarding his poetry. At the reading, he performed a few songs including: "Bobby Franks",
"Friends as Lovers", "I Held A Rose", "Riverview", and "El-a-noy".

October 2003- On the 8th, Butch Vig's legendary Smart Studios, where Gish and Nirvana's Nevermind
were recorded was destroyed in a truck hit a car, and slid off the road into the studios. Later that
month, on the 15th, Billy sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at the 7th Game of the NLCS (Cubs
v.s. Marlins), but the Cubs lose. And an interesting historical note, this is the game in which a
fan catches a ball that Moses Alou (Cubs outfielder) was trying to catch, and everything seemed
to go downhill from there. The curse of the Goat continues, and the "Bartman ball" incident is
entered into Cubs' history.

November 2003- On the 3rd, Papa M plays at the Elliott Smith Tribute concert, playing a couple of
songs with a lineup including Paz and her sister, Ana. Probot- Dave Grohl and Matt Sweeney's project
would release their first 7" single,
"Centuries of Sin". Melisssa Auf Der Maur did a small tour of Canada,
and announced that her album would be released May 18, 2004. Late in the month, it was announced
that Billy and Jimmy would be putting on a Rock 'N Roll Fantasy camp (the winners of a charity auction
participating) at Metro, through the RockforKids organization, which benefits the homeless children of

December 2003- On the 9th, Billy joined other musicians and performers at the legendary Second City
in Chicago for a 24 hour marathon of performances, the proceeds went to help provide holiday gifts for
kids in need. In an interview from, James Iha said that he would likely work
on the next, A Perfect Circle record as a full member of the band, and that we would "not be opposed
to" working with Billy Corgan again, either in a reunion of the Pumpkins or in any other capacity. Later
that month, it was announced that Melissa Auf Der Maur's band, Auf Der Maur would be opening for
Iha's adopted band, A Perfect Circle for their European tour. The Sony Pictures' Smashing Pumpkins
Official Website reappears online near the end of the month (
but has not been updated since the early Zwan era. It is unclear at this point what it will be
used for. At year's end, it was confirmed that Pumpkins/Zwan Engineer and Producer, Bjorn Thorsrud,
would be working on Billy's solo album.

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