Some of this information comes from sources such as: SP Chronology , The Jim Stapelton
 Book, (News Archives),as well as the now defunct websites:Nikki's Newstand,
and Addicted to Noise.
March 1991-The band finishes recording Gish.
May 1991-Gish is released on the 28th, Virgin Records subsidiary, Caroline Records but is overshadowed
by Butch Vig's other project, Nirvana's Nevermind. Later, they and had already begun touring the US
and doing their first shows in Europe.
August 1991-"Siva" was released as 12" Vinyl along with another Gish song, "Window Paine".
September 1991-By this time, they have started touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam.
Anthony Keidis of the Chili Peppers wanted the Pumpkins to tour with them after seeing the "Siva" 
The Pumpkins record the slightly infamous "Peel Sessions" on the 8th.
December 1991-The "Lull" EP is released as a CD with "Rhinoceros" from Gish, and three b-sides:"Blue", 
and "Bye June"(from the 1989 demos).
April 4, 1992-The Pumpkins song, "Daughter" was included on 7" flexi disc vinyl with
subscribers' issues of Reflex Magazine.
June 1992-The "Peel Sessions" EP is released as a CD with "Siva" from Gish,"Girl
Named Sandoz", and "Smiley".
July 1992-They were featured on the Singles soundtrack with the final track,
August 1992-The "I Am One" CD/12" single is released in the UK to coincide with the Reading Festival,
the two b-sides were:"Plume" and "Starla".  The 10" single had two b-sides,"Bullet Train To Osaka"
and "Terrapin". During the so called "disatrous" Reading Festival on the 29th, Billy reportedly had a
temper tantrum by repeatedly hitting his guitar against all the mike stands until he totally trashed his
guitar.  It supposedly took persuasion for Billy not to splitting up the band right there and then after 
the embarrasment of that night.
September 1992-They performed "Rhinoceros" on the BBC Late Show.
Sometime in 1992 as the Gish Tour wore on D'arcy and James decided to end their long time relationship,
Jimmy was looking more to drugs, and Billy was starting to worry about when the band would have the
time to record the follow-up album that would surpass the last album like it should. During a suicidal 
period,Billy writes "Today". According to Greg Kot (Chicago Tribune), writing "Today" is what essentially
saved Billy from suicide (see Chicago Tonight episode-'Pumpkins End'-Airdate:November 30th,2000).
December 1992-They started to record Siamese Dream on Caroline Records big
sister company, Virgin Records.

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