Some of this information comes from sources such as: SP Chronology , The Jim Stapelton
 Book, (News Archives),as well as the now defunct websites:Nikki's Newstand,
and Addicted to Noise.
March 1993-The band finishes recording Siamese Dream
June 1993- They played "Cherub Rock" and "Disarm" both acoustic for "MTV's Most Wanted" on the
July 1993-The "Cherub Rock" single is released on the 13th with "Pissant" and "French Movie Theme". 
The vinyl version includes one b-side, "Purr Snickety". The CD version of the single include a secret
secret song, "Star Spangled Banner", which was performed by Billy, Butch Vig, and Alan Moulder in a
karoke bar in May 1993.  On the 27th, Siamese Dream is released and debuts at 10 on Billboard. A
video called "23Minutes" was packaged with some of the CD's. On the 30th, SP starts the Rock 
Invasion Tour in Iowa City, Iowa.  This was also the date when Naked City TV, UK broadcast a live
acoustic version of Mayonaise.  This was part of SP's "musical therapy".  The therapy sessions and
performance would be in a less uncut version during the Vieuphoria video.
September 1993-The "Today" CD/12" single is released in the UK with "Hello Kitty Kat and "Obscured".
"Today" Japanese single had two extra tracks, "Apathy's Last Kiss" and "French Movie Theme". The
7" vinyl includes "Apathy's Last Kiss". On September 25,at Brixton Academy in South London, Billy
Corgan dresses up in a clown suit for the encore, which he regreted.
October 1993-The Pumpkins play "Cherub Rock" and "Today" in their first Saturday Night Live 
on the 30th. During that same month, the album reaches 1
million copies sold. No Alternative video was also recorded during this time which included 2 songs of the six recorded by the Pumpkins, "Glynis", and "Today".
December 1993-"No Toys for OJ" is recorded with a Pumpkin cover of "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer".
By this time the Pumpkins earned a Grammy nomination for Siamese Dream.
January 1994-Pumpkins play at the Australian Festival,"Big Day Out".  This included a feedback-soaked
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to end there set.
March 1994-Nirvana pulled out of Lollapalooza, which lead to the Smashing Pumpkins headlining the
One week later Kurt Cobain (Nirvana's lead singer) committed suicide. On the 22nd. the Pumpkins released the "Disarm" single. The smile version, which was released as a CD and 12" included the b-sides:"Soothe" and "Blew Away". The heart version included "Landslide" and "Dancing in The Moonlight" and was released on CD. The 7" version of the single include on b-side, "Siamese Dream". Like much of the other Pumpkins singles, it was released by Hut Recordings in the UK. On
March 25th, they played "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" for the first time publicly during a concert om Davenport, Iowa at Palmer Auditorium. The lyrics would later be modified.
April 1994-Siamese Dream goes double platinum.
May 1994-During their show on the 21st in Munich,  Billy announced "Hi, we're Stiltskin" when he
on stage. This came after the band Stiltskin's single
"Inside" was topping the UK charts. The song could have easily been a Pumpkins' instrumental.
July 1994-On July 7, the Lollapalooza kicked off in Las Vegas.  The crowd of 10,000 was 
disapointingly small.
As the headlining act the Smashing Pumpkins had the
advantage of coming on in the darkness and being able to unveil their spectacular light show. During Lollapalooza in Kansas City on the 11th, one of Billy's favorite bands, The Frogs were playing on Stage Two. Corgan came on
with them sing "(Pricks) I Only Play For Money". To disguise himself, Billy wore a paper bag over his head. The song would later be played in a segment of the Vieuphoria video Chicago show called "Meet The Frogs". Billy was back on stage with The Frogs during their to play "I Only
Play For Money" once again. He also stuck around until the end to play guitar on their song "Lord Grunge".
August 1994-On the 21st in Dallas, the Pumpkins played the first of many surprise sets on the second 
stage at Lollapalooza. This stage was usually for up-and-coming bands. They did play their originally
slated set later that night though. The band did this in San Diego on the 25th and at Mt.View,
San Francisco on the 27th.
September 1994-The Pumpkins end the Rock Invasion Tour with two shows in Los Angeles on the 4th
and 5th.
They play "Disarm" at the MTV Video Music Awards on the 8th. Billy presented Tom Petty with the Video Vanguard award at the awards ceremony. Spin Magazine named
the Pumpkins "Artist of the Year". At the end of Lollapalooza, they started to get ready to go back into the studio. This was around the time Billy started to talk about a double album. Corgan said it would bring
instrumental, acoustic, electric, orchestral and many other elements.
October 1994-The Vieuphoria video was released and it's companion, Earphoria on the 4th. Vieuphoria
contained live performances from the SP archives and many types of skits. Earphoria was the
soundtrack to it and was only a promo.  Gish was also remastered and released on this date. Pisces
Iscariot was also released on the 4th.  It was an album which contained many rare b-sides from the
Gish and Siamese Dream singles and some previously unreleased songs.  
In Late 1994, Billy Corgan recorded some early demos for Mellon Collie but most of them remained
unreleased.  The only one that made the album was "Stumbleine" , but was later mixed. Also
sometime mid-late 1994, The rare "Rocket" single was released on CD and 7" vinyl with "Never Let
Me Down(Again)".  The Siamese Singles box set containing all the 7" vinyls was released around
this time as well. (Note:If you know any more accurate info on these two releases please e-mail us).

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