Song Info:
Written by Billy Corgan
See the guitar tab

December 1992-March 1993?

Available On:

Other Info:
-Thought to be a Siamese Dream outtake recorded
at Triclops Studios in Atlanta, Georgia (Source: SP
Recording Sessions
-This song is the featured background music for a
a psychedlic interlude after the performance of "I
Am One" on Vieuphoria. The video consists of
a Pumpkins' performance in slow motion and shown
entirely in distorted negative images.

Song Secrets:
At the end, Billy whispers "I know what you mean"
I see you comin' from the sky
I see you callin' from the sky
Your sky can't heal you again
Your sky won't heal you again

Why must I try
Oh, why must I try
'cause I'm waiting for you
Like you never waited for me

Why, oh why
Oh, why
Why, oh why
I try
Why, oh why
Must I try
I know what you mean

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