Although about 90% of this section was created by us,some parts of it required some 
material from other sites and people.
The Smashing Pumpkins Collection Some video captures and some release photos were
taken from this site.
Siva A few video captures were taken from this site.
The Smashing Pumpkins Fan Collaborative There lyrics helped us clarify some stuff on
Machina that we weren't sure about including the Glass and the Ghost Children interlude.
Admittedly, some of the Machina lyrics were taken from here when we got lazy but we
found what we thought were mistakes when we double checked the lyrics. But the SPFC
was mostly right. Also, we used the scans from Machina II.
The Vortex of Lost Souls This site allowed us to use its great song secrets for the song
files in the omnipedia. And donated them as a new section!
Smashing Pumpkins Recording Sessions For giving us info on when songs were recorded.
The Smashing Pumpkins Chronology For giving us some info on exact dates.
Scratchie Records For a Kerry Brown picture.
Tribute to Jimmy For a Jimmy C. picture and some info.
Nikki's Newstand For some exact dates, and info. for telling us where to get some bio info.
The Saltshaker for supplying biographical info for Nina Gordon.
The Kenny Aronoff Official Website for giving some info on Kenny.
Infinite Sadness thanks to Aaron Straub for supplying us with song clips for songs that
weren't available to us.
Kara O'Bryon  for giving us a couple of song clips for songs that weren't available to us.
History of the Limited Potential Label for a high resolution picture of the
"I Am One" 7" vinyl cover.
Soma For allowing us to link to their videos.
Sebastian Boschert for giving us help with the search engine.
Also, Eric Agnew-some of my lyrics come from his old lyrics files that I had saved on a disk
and for the SP FAQ which is used in this section.
Thanks to Mike Garson, and Now! Music's webmaster-Matthew Gilbert for biographical 
information on Mr. Garson.
Thanks to Outpost Records for updating us on what's new with Ms. Nina Gordon.
Thanks to whoever put up the "mashed potatoes" real audios in the first place. I don't
recall who this was, please tell me and I'll credit you accordingly.
Thanks to Obscured for contributing the tabs to the Omnipedia. 
Thanks to Mike Sullivan of Pumpkin Heaven and Aaron Grant of Siva for beta testing this
Thanks to Hockeys for the some information for the Zero video.
If I have forgotten anybody, please email me.

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