fonthdr.jpg (57590 bytes)
Font Name + Description
JP Hand (102 kb)
A font from Gish.
Cobb (19 kb)
A font from Gish
Bud Hand (50 kb)
A font from Gish.
Latin Extra Condensed(18 kb)
A font used on Lull, Peel Sessions, and
the I Am One UK Single.
Agatha (27 kb)
The font used for Siamese Dream.
Lansbury (21 kb)
Very similar to Agatha, Lansbury is an 
older font.
Intimacy(61 kb)
Very similar to the main Cherub Rock 
Single font. I added a glow in photoshop
to give it the effect of the lettering used.
Graphis (56 kb)
Another font similar to the one on the
Cherub Rock single. We used the same
glow here. Lettering not as close but
there are numbers in this font.
A set of two Mayonaise-style fonts. The
author had modified the font Cobb.
Hartin2 (63 kb)
A typewriter font used similar to the one 
on Pisces Iscariot.
Royal Pain (32 kb)
A font similar to the one in the liner of 
Pisces Iscariot.
McGarey (34 kb)
Another font similar to one used on Pisces 
Burton's Nightmare (17 kb)
The original Mellon Collie & The Infinite
Sadness font.
Infinite Sadness (17 kb)
Modified version of Burton's Nightmare by 
Milan de Jong.
PS Bluegum Forest (19 kb)
Postsadness's version of the MCIS font
that will make Burton's Nightmare
200proofmoonshine remix (21 kb)
Similar to the Mellon Collie & The Infinite
Sadness liner font.
Infinite Dingbats (109 kb)
The first ever SP dingbats font;uses the
symbols from the MCIS lyrics booklet.
University (61 kb)
The font used in the Mellon Collie guitar 
tab book and Vieuphoria.
1979 (7 kb)
The 1979 single font.
Platelet Thin(19 kb)
The other 1979 single font.
FZ Basic 16 (22 kb)
The Zero single font.
Tonite (32 kb)
The Tonight, Tonight single font.
Bank Gothic (45 kb)
One of the 33 single fonts. Also used in 
the Adore Liner notes and some other
The Aeroplane Flies High (23 kb)
The Aeroplane Flies High box set font.
Cooper (310 kb)
The Let It Come Down font.
SpillMilk (20 kb)
Similar to one of the Adore fonts.
Inkbleed (48 kb)
Font used in some of the Adore liner.
Caslon Antique (54 kb)
Font used in the some of the Adore liner.
Acadian (20 kb)
Font similar to one of the Adore fonts.
Engravers' Roman Bold (28 kb)
One of the fonts used in the Adore liner
Terra(38 kb)
Another font similar to the main Adore
font, Novella.
Ironwood(66 kb)
"The Arising" club tour font
The font set used heavily on Landslide. Please download it, if you don't have it yourself.

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