Bugg Superstar
Song Info:
Written by James Iha
See the guitar tab

Fall 1994

Available On:

Other Info:
-Recorded at Bugg Studios (James' house) in
Chicago. The song is about his dog, Bugg, pictured
in the still below from Vieuphoria. Incidentally, the
liner notes for Gish, released 3 years earlier, include
a close-up picture with the label-"Bugg Superstar"
om the back of the booklet. Some speculate that
that James recorded this song solo specificially for
-This song is the featured background music for a
a lovingly comical segment on Vieuphoria about
James and his life with his dog. It is entitled, "A Boy
and His Bugg". The scene shows James and Bugg
at his house, in his yard, out for a walk, and James
on his bike.

Bugg, Bugg Superstar
Bugg, Bugg

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