This year, we enter the first year without the Pumpkins, and we reminiscence on what they have done for us in the past
13 years. In the spirit of this, we look back on "Vieuphoria". I had the opportunity to interview the director behind the 
first and only (so far) Pumpkins home video, the man or rather woman is Modi. Her company, Modivation Films produced
Was the interview with SP during the recording of "Siamese Dream" done specifically for the video? If not, what source
did it come from?
Originally I produced and directed that interview for Virgin Records for a NARM that showed Virgin's upcoming
releases which also included Iggy Pop and UB40.
Who came up with the concept of the video?
I originally did after filming during the recording of "Siamese Dream". Once the record took off, they agreed but the
overall concept to make it very fan based was Billy's.
Was Modivation Films involved in the entire project? Or were there just certain parts you directed?
Modivation was involved in the entire project as a production company who produced the entire home video from
start to finish. As far as directing, I directed "Quiet" and the making of "Siamese Dream" interview stuff.
Who wrote the scripts for the D'arcy's tea party skit?
Billy came up with a great idea that each band member make their own short film. 
So on D'arcy's  film she did everything herself and it is a god head short. 
How long did it take to make Vieuphoria?
I think about 2 months.
Was the concert footage shown taped specifically for the video? Or were they filmed by TV
stations anyways?
Only "Quiet" was, everything else was just concert stuff from television stations.
Are there any plans to make another Smashing Pumpkins video?
You would have to ask Billy.
There you have it, a little info behind the video that you may not have known before. For more info on Vieuphoria, go to
our page on it or you can buy it here.
Written by Steven Pukin.
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