Song Info:
Written by Billy Corgan
See the guitar tab

December 1992-March 1993

Available On:
-Pisces Iscariot (CD), (CS), (12" vinyl)

Other Info:
-This song was recorded during the Siamese Dream
sessions but didn't make it onto the album. Billy
says that "it's kinda of hard to explain, so I won't
...if you listen closely you can hear the 7 secrets of
the 7 veils of Apollo." (Source: Pisces Iscariot liner

Song Secrets:
-At 1:44.5, in the background, you can hear James
Iha cough (turn it up).

Dad dad dad
Dead dead dead dead dead
Was I ever alive?
Fucking makes you alive in one minute
Solstice, I am solstice filled with mercury
Filled with mercury, liquid fucked
See right through your heart
See right through your heart
Fuck your heart, I am mercury liquid pure
Hot, alive, dead, mucked fish eyes, doors
I was born alive, I'll fucking kill you
I'll beat your soft baby head with my own hand
Careful with that baby
Don't ever say the h word around him
I am ashamed of my name, say it
I hate the sound of your shit
Because it means no good
It means cheap, liar, smart ass piece of shit
Change it to raygun you fuck
Billy the loon, Billy the loon
I am mars, I am mars
billy addly addly addly....
your name causes shit
While I may be no expert on this reality
There is no God but shame
God is hurt, God is cold
Try that once, God is dead
There is not another one
Battle, cold heart radio, feedback
The pain, reoccuring messages of badness
Reoccuring living bad dreams
At the vortex of lost souls
Wailing lost souls of shame
We are in one hole
Like a cup of mercury phosphate
Brrr, shuddering around
Taste my shit you wench
Lifting wailing lost souls who stand a chance
Hot, my eyes darkly gaze and wonder
Do not enter, why why why?
I was born whole
Fracctured, divided, shattered
Into a billion fragments
A million piece puzzle
A million piece jigsaw puzzle
With no this, and no that.....
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