Song Info:
Written by Billy Corgan
See the guitar tab

Spring 1992

Available On:
-Disarm single-Smile version (12"/CD)
-Pisces Iscariot (CD), (CS), (12" vinyl)

Other Info:
-"Soothe" was recorded in Billy's old apartment in
Chicago, IL. Billy says in the Pisces Iscariot liner
notes that he meant to put the song on Siamese
but he "wimped out".

Song Secrets:
-Lyrics clarification: this is old but its a response
to something some guy had on his site saying it
was hung me, but it really is hungry. If you stick
your ear right next to the speaker you can hear the
faintest trace of his tongue reverberating off the r.

-You can hear the "7 am buses slithering by" as
mentioned by Corgan in PI liner notes at 2:18-21.

Hungry, hungry Again
Hungry, hungry Again

When will it start to sway
When will it start to almost break you

Hungry, hungry Again
Hungry, hungry Again

I'll miss you
And I wish you luck
Well, I forgive you
And I don't wish you away
Away, away

It'll almost break you
Almost take you
Almost break you
Almost break you up
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