Song Info:
Written by Billy Corgan
See the guitar tab

December 1990-March 1991

Available On:
-Today single (12"/CD), (Japan CD import)
-Pisces Iscariot (CD), (CS), (12" vinyl)

Other Info:
-The only song on the "Today" singles that was
recorded at Smart Studios during the Gish sessions.
Billy says in the Pisces liner notes that the song was
originally supposed to be on the Lull EP. Then he
was going to put it on Siamese Dream but he swore
that he would never re-record one of their own
songs again, because "it is lame to do so ".

Song Secrets:
-At 0:11, Billy says "yeah" or "ooh".

Lost your head
Now you sleep on the floor
What you said
I don't want anymore
Through the haze
Make your eyes up to ache
Out in space
Days away

Through these eyes
I rely on all
I've seen
Through these eyes
Looks like I'm home tonight

Left for dead
As you sweep out the door
Things we said
We don't mean anymore
Tear inside her Like a fallen kite
Hah, hah, hah, hey, hey, yeah

Through these eyes
I deny on all I see
Through these eyes
Looks like I'm home tonight
What you said
Made a mess of me
What you said
I don't want
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