Song Info:
Written by Billy Corgan
See the guitar tab

Spring 1993

Available On:
-No Alternative (CD/VHS)

Other Info:
-The song is about a girl named Glynis from Red Red
Meat. She became very sick + no one knew what
was wrong. Then she found out she had AIDS and
died 2 months later. Billy said that he didn't know
her very well, but that he knew of her for a long
time + that they played with her band before. Billy
also said, "I don't mean to undermine one person's
passing but I think it affected me more to hear
how people talked about her dying + how they
moralized about it, than it did the fact that a
person's life had passed" (Source: No Alternative
video live performance of the song on MTV, October
-Recorded at Soundworks in Chicago during the same session as "Blew Away".

Song Secrets:
-At the very beginning, there is a robot-like, "hello",
which comes from a Red Red Meat song.

Here's a name you cannot forget
Her name is Glynis, yes
And with these tears of respect
Conforms a sadness
For anyone who's ever lost
One who's dearest
And the love of a friend

On our worried knees
Given to all beliefs
Scarecrows and disease haunt us all
Ooh, bury your heads in the sand
Ooh, bury your heads

So have we stumbled from grace
Are we being punished for fate
My god is subtle and great
He can't be wounded
By the gossip and the hate of the frightened
Who took their paths on the sand, yeah

Fear that grips us all
Gives us an awful sound
Can't help anything but ourselves
Ooh, bury your head in the sand
Ooh, bury your head, yeah
Ooh, bury your head

Ooh, I believe in one love
Ooh, I believe in one love
Ooh, I believe in one love
Yeah, yeah
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