Section Information
Welcome to the reinvented Winamp Skins subsection of
Landslide. In addition to our own previous winamp skins,
we have added countless others to this section. All of the
new additions are originally from's Ampdore
Winamp skins page. Since that site no longer exists,
the site's creator, Bjoern Larrson has given us permission
to use these winamp skins.

We have given credit to the authors of each skin. We
are not responsible for the perceived quality or lack of
quality of any of thes skins ;). Keep in mind that all of the
skins were created around the time of Winamp 2.0, so
they are closer to the look of the 'Classic Skin'.

Currently all skins except for the ones for the Machina era
are also available for Mac. Those Mac conversions were
done by Kevin Hassini for Ampdore back in '99. If anyone
is able to convert skins to Mac for us now, let us know.

If you wish to submit new skins optimized for Winamp 5.0,
you're a welcome to do so. Please read the FAQ.
Updates (April 8th, 2006)
-Added 37 new winamp skins from various eras
-Mac versions for Gish Amp, Siamese Skin, Adore Amp
-Added modified Winamp Skins FAQ
-New CSS layout and design for this section
Related Software
-Winamp: the mp3 player needed to use these Winamp
skins. It can also be use to play a variety of other audio
and video formats, including cds.

-Viscolor: This tool lets you easily modify the colors of the
visualization display. You can preview your new
visualization and save it to viscolor.txt

-Winamp Easy Buttons: Don't waste your time with cutting
your main.bmp manually. this tool automatically rips off the
right areas that are used for buttons etc.
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