How Do I Use the Skins?
First thing you will need is the latest version of winamp.
although you're able to use skins since version 1.8, I
advise to download the latest one (they have changed the
clutterbar's 'p' to an 'a' since version 2).

After you have properly installed the program, launch it.
With the keys [alt + s] you'll bring the 'skin browser' up. In
this window all installed skins are shown. If there are
none, you can simply install them:

In the directory where winamp is installed you will find a
subfolder named skins. All you need to do to use the skins
is to create a subfolder in the skins directory, one folder for
each skin. The next step is to copy all the graphics and
text-files for a skin in this directory. When you now bring
up the 'skin browser' again, the name of the subfolder
should be shown in this window.

Possible problems:
-When you unzip the files, other subfolders in your
skins\subfolder could be created. Skins only work properly
when the bitmaps and text files are in a skins\subfolder.
-Make sure you use a Winamp version 1.8 or higher
How Can I Make My Own Skins?
First thing you should do before starting the graphical part
is to plan your skin. you need to be absolutely clear about
what your skin should look like when it's finished.

Skins are just a collection of bitmaps and text-files. Certain
areas of the winamp are animated when you click them; So
you will need different pictures for the same area. When
choosing a background- image (main.bmp), be aware of all
the graphics that will overlay this image (playback buttons,
volume and speaker sliders, time display, the id3-tag info,
visualization, etc). other areas, such as the equalizer, are
modified with a text-file.

When you have planned your skin, you can start the
graphical part: for all the graphics use a good program,
such as Adobe Photoshop. You can work with masks,
objects, adjust the brightness, create 3d-effects.

This is not going to be a tutorial, so we advise you to just
play around with the different files. you will figure out
pretty soon what the different bitmaps are used for and
how to use them. look how others have done, or download
the base-skin from nullsoft! most things will then come
intuitive and with a bit of logical thinking!.

Tips: start with the main.bmp; use programs like Winamp
Easy Buttons and Viscolor to help finish your skin faster.
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