1. Street Crawler
2. Life Begins Again Windows Media/ Quicktime
3. P.S.A.
4. Loki Cat
5. Cranes of Prey
6. Love is Real
7. Owed to Darryl 
8. Newerwaves
9. Time Shift
10. Lullabye
11. Loki Cat (reprise)
The Complex:
Jimmy Chamberlin: Drums
Billy Mohler: Bass, Keyboards and Guitar
Sean Woolstenhulme: Guitar
Adam Benjamin: Fender Rhodes

Rob Dickinson: Vocals on "Life Begins Again" and "Love Is Real"
Billy Corgan: Vocals on "Loki Cat"
Billy Mohler: Vocals on "Newerwaves"
Bill Medley: Vocals on "Lullabye"
Paul Chamberlin: Additional drums on "Loki Cat"
Corey Wilton: Lead guitar on "Love Is Real," additional guitar on “Time Shift”
Linda Strawberry: Backing Vocals on "Lullabye"

All music by Billy Mohler and Jimmy Chamberlin
(except tracks 1, 3, 4, 7 and 11 by Billy Mohler, Jimmy Chamberlin
and Sean Woolstenhulme)
All lyrics by Jimmy Chamberlin (except "Lullabye" lyrics by Billy
Mohler and Becca Popkin). Published by AudreyElla Music, Billy
Mohler Music and Sean Woolstenhulme Music (BMI). Produced by Jimmy Chamberlin and Billy Mohler Mixed by Tom Rothrock

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Promo Shots (Courtesy of Andrew Warren)
Photography by Jeff Bender


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