Smashing Pumpkins 2000 7 track Promo
1.  The Everlasting Gaze
2.  I Am One
3.  Disarm
4.  Starla
5.  Bullet with Butterfly Wings
6.  Medellia of the Grey Skies
7.  Waiting

Release Info:
Released in February 2000 during the Resume the Pose signing and concert tour, available
at the signings and released with MACHINA/ the machines of God at selected US stores at
time of release on February 29th, 2000. 
Notable Names:
All songs written by Billy Corgan except "I am One" by Billy Corgan and James Iha.
Artwork by Vasily Kafanov.
Recorded (When and Where):
Recorded at various sessions from 1991-2000. "Waiting" recorded during the 1998 
Adore sessions at Sunset Sound from December 1997-March 1998.