Last updated- February 18th, 2002
What is Fanphoria?
A video created by Steven Pukin, David Pukin and Jennifer Sloan. Originally conceived as a personal
video letter to send the band but the scope was broadened. Thought of as a way for fans to reach
out to the band, that even if they never met the band- the band could "meet them". The project
started in May 1998 but was only recently completed. Artwork is in the process of being finished.
The video includes fan video letters, skits, cover songs, and more, and it's running time is about 1
hour. I wish the video could have been even longer but people just didn't send in submissions.
Will the band see it?
They did. Read Chards of Fanphoria for more info. Click the thumbnails to see the larger versions of
the video, backstage passes, and tickets. 
Will there be a sequel?
Only if there is enough demand, say as a farewell to the band. I will need a lot of help this time
to get it done in the limited time we have. But at this time, it doesn't look likely. But I would like to
be involved in any fan projects going around, especially tribute albums.
Can I get a copy?
Yes, soon I will release the details about purchasing a video. Some proceeds at least will go to
a Listessa supported charity. Jennifer and David, as well as myself have spent a significant amount
of money on this project, so we want to try and cover some of our debts while still contributing
to a good cause. Contact me at If any profit is made from this project, it will go
to charity. 
I am STILL looking for someone who can help me make copies of the video in the Greater Toronto Area.
Once I am ready to make the first batch, I will start accepting orders. Tell me if you're interested.
The tentative cost will be $10 Canadian funds ($8 US Funds for non-Canadian orders) plus shipping
costs, $3 for normal shipping, $5 for rush shipping. Shipping costs are in US funds for non-Canadian
UPDATE: We have been having problems economically producing these videos but we might possibly have it
on VCD soon, which means a lot more money will be going to charity. In fact, I've basically just been saving
up all the money to give to Listessa for the charity. Two of the videos had been sent out in the past to be
changed into VCD, only one of which seems like it might get anywhere. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you 
What is Listessa?
It is one great Smashing Pumpkins mailing list, go to for more information
on the Smashing Pumpkins Internet Fan Club and Listessa Mailing List.

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