Ride on, motherfucker
Sister above
Lead on my lover
Daddy's not comin' home
So long my mother
So long ago
She loves me like a lover
Every house is now your home
Even though you lied to me
We love you
Right on, motherfucker
Sister above
Yeah, my lover
Every house is now your home
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December 1990-March 1991
Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
Song Secrets:
-at :02.5 you can hear the amp turn on 
-from :03 to :09 you can hear a "blowing wind sound" (close to speaker) 
-from :08 to :09 Billy says, "why don't we just start from here?" 
-at :12 there is a click from the drumsticks 
-from :13 to :15 there is something jingling 
-at :30 Billy says "yeah" in the background 
-at :38 it sounds like someone says "huh?" in the background 
-at :40 there is a 'blip' sound 
-at :46 there is a 'bip' sound, and another one at 1:07 
-at 1:08 and 1:53 there is a 'whoop' sound 
-from 1:18 to 1:19 there is a guitar sound that sounds like whispering 
-at 1:22 there is a 'whop' sound 
-at 1:56 there is a 'whip' sound 
-at 1:58 there is a 'wheeoop' sound 
-at 2:08 there is a 'rurr' sound 
-at 2:15 there is a 'beoop' sound 
-at 2:22 there is a 'rurrr' guitar effect 
Other Info:
Named as "Chump" is some recordings where Jimmy Chamberlin does vocals instead of Billy, and there
are some slight lyrical changes.