Well I met a girl called Sandoz  
And she taught me many many things  
Good things, very good things  
Sweet things  

I met her on a Sunday morning  
It was hot though the snow lay on the ground  
Strange things, very strange things  
My mind has wings  

Sandoz Sandoz  
Will you tell me "No?"  
Sandoz Sandoz  
Will you tell me why?  
We could all learn something from your mind  

She's very old yet many think she's young  
One kiss from her and you know your time has come  
Good times for all time  
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September 8th,1991
Written By:
Eric Burdon and John Weider
Available On:
Peel Sessions
Pisces Iscariot(CD/CS)
Pisces Iscariot 12" US Vinyl
Pisces Iscariot 12" US Vinyl + 7" Bonus Single
Pisces Iscariot 12" UK Vinyl
Other Info:
This song was originally performed by The Animals. Was recorded by the Pumpkins during
the "slightly infamous" John Peel Sessions.