Cupid hath pulled back her sweetheart's bow
To cast divine arrows into her soul
To grab her attention swift and quick
Or morrow the marrow of her bones be thick
With turpentine kisses and mistaken blows
See the devil may do as the devil may care
He loves none sweeter as sweeter the dare
Her mouth the mischief he doth seek
Her heart the captive of which he speaks
So note all ye lovers in love with the sound
Your world be shattered with nary a note
Of one cupids arrow under your coat
And in the land of star crossed lovers
And barren hearted wanderers
Forever lost in foresaken missives and satan's pull
We seek the unseekable and we speak the unspeakable
Our hopes dead gathering dust to dust
In faith,in compassion, and in love
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Between March-August 1995
Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadnes(CD/CS)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness(12")
Song Secrets:
The shaking sound used for the drum part is actually an aspirin bottle. 
At 0:52-1:04, and 1:37-1:49 there is a weird chime in the right channel. At 2:30-2:34 
there is talking in the background.