1. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
2. ...Said Sadly
*3. You're All I've Got Tonight
*4. Clones(We're All)
*5. A Night Like This
*6. Destination Unknown
*7. Dreaming
Release Info:
Released on October 24,1995 for one week only on CD and CS(cassette single). It was 
re-released in November 1996 inside The Aeroplane Flies High with tracks marked with a *.
Notable Names:
Bullet with Butterfly Wings written by Billy Corgan. Said Sadly written by James Iha.
You're All I've Got Tonight by Ric Ocasek. Clones(We're All) by David Carron(Alice Cooper).
A Night Like This written by Robert Smith. Destination Unknown was written by Dale Bozzio,
Terry Bozzio,and Warren Cuccurullo. Dreaming written by Deborah Harry and Chris Stein.
Bullet with Butterfly Wings produced by Billy Corgan, Flood, and Alan Moulder. Said Sadly
and A Night Like This produced by James Iha, Kerry Brown, and *D'arcy(*only on Said
Sadly). You're All I've Got Tonight, Clones(We're All), Destination Unknown, and Dreaming
produced by Billy Corgan and Jeff Moleski. Illustration by John Craig and design by Frank
Recorded(When and Where):
Bullet with Butterfly Wings recorded March-August 1995 at Chicago Recording Company
and Pumpkinland. Said Sadly recorded at Bugg Studios(Chicago, Illinois) in March-August 
1995. You're All I've Got Tonight, Clones, Destination Unknown, and Dreaming recorded in 
June 1996 at Soundworks Studios in Chicago, Illinois. A Night Like This recorded at Bugg
Studios in June 1996.