1. The End is the Beginning is the End
2. The Beginning is the End is the Beginning
3. The Ethers Tragic
4. The Guns of Love Disastrous
Release Info:
Released in June 1997 by Warner Bros. Records on CD. Smashing Pumpkins appear courtesy
of Virgin Records America.
Notable Names:
All songs written by Billy Corgan. Produced by Nellee Hooper and Billy Corgan. Engineered
by Chris Shepard. Programming by Chris Vrenna(Nine Inch Nails). Drums by Matt Walker.
Recorded(When and Where):
Recorded in February 1997 at Chicago Recording Company.
Other Info:
According to the SP Recording Sessions web site, 45 minutes of demos were recorded for
the Batman soundtrack. The Ethers Tragic and Guns of Love Disastrous were apparently
from those demos.