1. Chumbawamba-"Mary Mary"(stigmatic
 2. Remy Zero-"Gramarye"
 3. Bjork-"All is Full of Love"
 4. David Bowie-"The Pretty Things are
     Going to Hell"
 5. Afro Celt Sound System w/Sinead
     O'Connor-"Release (edit)"
 6. Massive Attack-"Inertia Creeps"
 7. Natalie Imbruglia-"Identify"
 8. Identify (dust) 1,000,000 voices
 9. Pop Pop Await* Reflect (pretty)
10. Reflect (clouds) Truth
11. Of Square Waves Random Thought
12. Reflection/Possession
13. Reflect (gray) Of Sine Waves
14. Distrbnce (after sckhausen)+
     Reflect (pause)* Orah
15. Sustain Identify (affectation)
16. All Answers Revealed*
     Reflect (devotion)*
17. Purge 10,000,000 voices
     Reflect (purity) Identify(peace)*
18. Reflect (time) Tree Whispers 
Release Info:
Released on August 24th, 1999 by Virgin Records on cd.
Notable Names:
"Identify": Music by Mike Garson and Billy Corgan. Lyrics by Billy Corgan. Performed by Natalie
Imbruglia. Produced by Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker. Tracks 8-18: Music written by Billy Corgan
except * by Mike Garson and + by Mike Garson and Billy Corgan. Peformed by Billy Corgan and
Mike Garson except "Distrbnce (after sckhausen)" by The Royal Berlin Knife and Phorchestra.
Produced by Billy Corgan. Mixed by Billy Corgan and Bjorn Thorsrud. Programming by Billy Corgan and
Bon Harris. Art/direction design: Jean Krikorian. 
Recorded (When and Where):
Track 8-18 mixed at Chicago Trax and Recorded at A&M Studios in Spring 1999.