I know this room just crumbled like a tomb 
Surrender to the day that I made 
Stars falling 
Stars falling 
You'll waste it 
You're not simple 
When my head swells just like a balloon 
So soon I must realize 
One by one we're dangerous 
Now lead us to blasphemy 
Stars falling 
I want to touch your soul complete 
Higher than I ever want to be 
I'm in love with you 
Over the edge and over to the show 
Proud of the show and the neon lights 
What I've done has brought me home 
Look at me, who would have known? 
Stars falling 
Stars falling 
Stars falling 
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Written by:
Billy Corgan and James Iha
Available on:
No official releases
Other Info:
Originally from the 1989 Moon Demos.