Come back to me darling don’t stay your heart is free to be
With someone else who loves and cares and talks to you
It’s me
When you wanna sing do sing and if your undecided you know
There's no denying how I loved you I’ll be around to run to
It’s me

See the sun and what your given
And every wonder
See the sun and what your given
Feel the warmth love gives
To everyone and everything know you feel the same

And oh-it’s the hardest thing to do and no if you’re gone
Will I come find you- I know that in a day or two when
Things are quiet and there’s only you,
Theres no wrong and on

See the sun and what your given

I told you, I told you that when we fell apart
I wrote you, I wrote you and asked you for apart of you
Don’t deny it
Feel the warmth love gives
See the sun and what your given
Feel the warmth love gives


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Summer 1997
Written by:
James Iha
Available on:
Let It Come Down
Other Info:
"I wrote most of this album on the acoustic guitar but I didn't want it to be an "unplugged"
record. I like the idea of this good, electric band drenched with acoustic guitars playing to
the song and the singer. I tried to make simple musical arrangements which hopefully have
a more timeless quality. This song, I think is a good example, and I like it because it's in my
natural low singing voice and the track really builds and sort of breathes." says James Iha.
(Source: The Official James Iha Website( )