1. "The Kidnapping"-James Horner
2. "Delivering The Ransom"-James Horner
3. "The Quarry"-James Horner
4. "A Two Million Dollar Bounty"-James
5. "Parallel Stories"-James Horner
6. "A Fatal Mistake"-James Horner
7. "A Dark Reunion"-James Horner
8. "The Payoff/End Credits"-James Horner
9. "Rats"-Billy Corgan with Matt Walker
10. "Worms"-Billy Corgan with Matt
11. "Spiders"-Billy Corgan with Matt 
12. "Lizards"-Billy Corgan with Matt
13. "Worms Part 2"-Billy Corgan with Matt
14. "Squirrels With Tails"-Billy Corgan with
Matt Walker
Release Info:
Released as a CD and cassette in November 26,1996 by Hollywood Records. Billy Corgan
appears courtesy of Virgin Records America.
Notable Names:
All songs written by Billy Corgan. Recorded by Chris Shepard. Executive album producers:
Ron Howard, Scott Rudin, Brian Gauzer, and Todd Hallowell. (Info for tracks 9-14)
Recorded(When and Where):
Recorded in September 1996 at Chicago Recording Company. Later mixed at Soundworks
Recording Studios, Chicago Illinois.
Other Info:
Only took one day to record. Was recorded at the now torn down Studio 4 of the Chicago
Recording Company. (source: SP Recording Sessions).  Not really Pumpkins, just Billy and
their former touring drummer, Matt Walker.