Here are the songs in alphabetical order: 77, America, Bitch,
The Black Rider, Blast, Camaro,Dawn at 16, Dearth, The Demon,
Depresso, Die, Disconnected, Dogs Prayer, Dummy Tum Tummy, 
Envelope Woman,The Eternal E, Fakir, Feelium, Firepower, Flipper,
Fried, Fucker, Funkified, Glasgow 3am, The Groover, Hairy Eyeball, 
Harmonio, Hell Bent for Hell, In the Arms of Sheep, Is Alex Milton,
Jackboot, Jake, Jimmy James, Knuckles, Let Your Lazer Love Light 
Shine Down, Lucky Lad, Make it Fungus, Me Rock You Snow, Millieu, 
Moonkids, New Waver, Phang, Phreak, Plastic Guy, Porkbelly, Rachel, 
Rigamarole, Rings,The Road is Long, Rock Me, Robot Lover, Rubberman,
Slinkeepie, Slurpee, So So Pretty, So Very Sad About Us, Space Jam,
Spacer, Spazmatazz, Speed, Speed Racer, Star Song, The Street are Hot
Tonight, Thunderbolt, The Tracer, U.S.A, V-8, The Viper, Weeping Willowly, 
& Zoom. 
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After Siamese Dream and the completion of Mellon Collie.
Written by:
The Smashing Pumpkins
Available on:
Zero Single
The Aeroplane Flies High
Song Secrets:
At 13:44-13:45, in the left channel, you can hear Billy who says "Yeah" and he also sings 
at 13:47 (I think the song at that time is Porkbelly). -Benoit The Sad Wizard. 
Other Info:
Disconnected was the basis for The Aeroplane Flies High(Turns Left, Looks Right).
Jackboot appears in some live versions of Silverfuck.