If I speak my mind, will you hear me?
If I reach to you, will you fear me?
If I kissed you, would ya love me?
One less moment to break your heart
One less love to tear apart
Don't be a lover
Don't be a friend
If this spell we've surrendered
So just let me pretend
You don't exist
Our connection is fixed
One more hour to piss your soul
One more chance to let go
In the mountain song, sing the echoes
In the long meadows, chasing shadows
In the endless night, whisper endless beliefs
Swear to God that you won't change
Don't be a lover
Don't be a friend
Faith takes me over
So just let me pretend
You're not real
Visions surreal
Spirit channels
Don't be a lover
Don't be a friend
If I fall in love, will you forgive me?
If I lose my way, will you choose me?
If I change my mind, will you change me?
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Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
No official releases
Other Info:
First performed by Billy Corgan at the Shrine Auditorium on December 12th, 1998 for the
KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. Apparently this song had no real title and has only been
played once.