Mother I'm tired
Come surrender my son
Time has ravaged on my soul
No plans to leave but still I go
Fallin' with the leaves
Fallin' out of sleep
To the last goodbyes
Who cares why?
Mother I've tried
Wasting my life
I haven't given up,I lie
To make you so proud in my eyes
Fallin' out of sleep
Crawlin' over me
To the last goodbyes
Who cares why
Tuesdays come and gone
Restless still I drive
Try to leave it all behind
Fallin', fallin' out of sleep
Fallin', fallin' with the leaves
I go crawlin', crawlin' over me
Once upon a time in my life...
I went falling
Mother I hope you know
That I miss you so
Time has ravaged on my soul
To wipe a mothers tears grown cold
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November 1997-March 1998
Written by:
Billy Corgan
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Drums by Beck drummer, Joey Waronker. Additional programming by Bon Harris.