Bassist for the Machina Era
Name: Melissa Auf der Maur
Born: March 17, 1972
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Education:  majored in photography in university.
Guitars used: custom made 1975 Squire Ace bass
Previous Bands: Hole, Tinker (a Montreal band) 
Side Projects: Constant Comment w/ former Hole
drummer which released a split 7" vinyl with the Red
Aunts with a song called "Firecrasher". 
Marital Status: according to sources, dating Dave
Grohl of the Foo Fighters
Other Info: She joined Hole in 1994 after the
death of their bassist, Kristen Pfaff. Billy Corgan
was the one who told Courtney Love about Melissa.
He said she was hot and played killer bass after
seeing her play one night. In the fall of 1999, she
quit Hole. Shortly after D'arcy left the Pumpkins, 
Melissa  joined the band for their tour for Machina,
The Machines of God and she appears in the new
video, "Stand Inside Inside Your Love". She also use
to play with one of the members of the Canadian
band, Blinker The Star. Melissa also is a photographer
and her self portraits have been published in many
magazines such as Spin, Alternative Press, and Flaunt.
Information courtesy of the Hole site, Summer Rain and the Melissa Auf der Maur dedicated site,
Purple Sparkle. Some additional info from *Hannah*