MACHINA II/ the friends & enemies of modern music
2 LP(CR04)

EP  (CR01) sleeve EP(CR02)sleeve EP  (CR03) sleeve

Liner 1 for 2  LP (CR04) The Story of June (so far)         
EP (CR01)
Slow Dawn
Glass' Theme (Spacey Version)
EP (CR02)
Soul Power
Cash Car Star
Lucky 13
Speed Kills (alternate)
If There is A God (piano/vox)
Try, Try, Try (alternate)
Heavy Metal Machine (version 1 alt. mix)
2 LP (CRO4)
Glass' Theme
Cash Car Star
Real Love
Let Me Give the World to You
Blue Skies Bring Tears (Heavy)
White Spyder
In My Body
If There is A God (Full Band)
Le Deux Machina (synth)
Atom Bomb

Release Info:
Released on September 5th, 2000 by Constantinople Records in a limited print. The
album was released a 3 10" EPs and a 2 LP set, only on vinyl. Only 25 copies were
made, and was made to be freely distributed by the fans for the fans. 
Notable Names:
All songs written by Billy Corgan except "Go" by James Iha.
Recorded (When and Where):
Includes sessions at the Chicago Recording Company in July 2000. At least some of the songs seem to be from the
Machina sessions during November 1998-September 1999.
The first commercial release of an album for free, at least that I can think of. 
Other Info:
This is the Pumpkins final album. For more info on the album, read the SPFC's 
Machina II mini-faq. Read the accompanying story from the liner notes, Ch5/
the story of june (so far).