Lover (demo version)
If I speak my peace, could you hear me?
If I reach to you, would you feel me?
If I kissed you, would you love me?
It's one less moment to break your heart
One less love to tear apart
Don't want to be your lover
Don't want to be your friend
With a spell we've surrendered
Just let me pretend
You don't exist
Connection is fixed
One more arrow to pierce your soul
One more chance to let go
In the mountain song, sing the echoes
In the long meadows, chase the shadows
In the starless night, you whisper endless praise
You swear to god you won't change
Don't want to be your lover
Don't want to be your friend
Faith takes me over
Just let me pretend
You're not real
Vision surreal
Spirit of channels
If I fall in love, will you forgive me?
If I lose my way, will you choose me?
If I change my mind, will change me?
If I'm here to stay, will you leave me?
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Late 1998
Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
Machina Acoustic Demos (official boot)
Other Info:
An early acoustic demo recorded for Machina at Billy's House AKA Sadlands. This song is also known under the
names, "One Less Moment" and "Don't Want To Be Your Lover". There is no real title to the song according to Billy
Corgan himself. The song was performed with updated lyrics by Billy Corgan at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas
On December 12th, 1998.