Side A
 1. Seven Letters- "Gone by Dawn"
 2. The Smashing Pumpkins- "My Dahila"
 3. Ghost Swami- "Beggar Man"
 4. Price of Priesthood- "Blood Money"
 5. Gold September- "I'm Not Happy"
 6. Poster Children- "The Non-Reggae
Side B
 1. Ghost Swami- "Supermarket Candle
 2. Price of Priesthood- "Party in the
 3. Poster Children- "Question"
 4. Gold September- "Dorian"
 5. The Smashing Pumpkins- "Sun"
Release Info:
Released on May 4, 1989 by Halo Records in Chicago on Vinyl only.
Notable Names:
Produced by Billy Corgan. Engineered by Mark Ignoffo. Mixed by Billy Corgan and Mark Ignoffo.
Recorded (When and Where):
"My Dahlia" and "Sun" recorded at Reel Time Studios in 1988.
Other Info:
The first official release with the Pumpkins on it. For more information, go to