Partial Discography(Continued):
Nine Inch Nails:
1989-"Pretty Hate Machine"-producer,
programming, and engineer.
1989-"Head Like a Hole"-producer,
1994-"The Downward Spiral"-producer
PJ Harvey:
1995-"To Bring You My Love"-produced
by Flood,Polly Jean Harvey, and John
Smashing Pumpkins:
1995-"Mellon Collie and the Infinite
Sadness"-produced with Alan Moulder
and Billy Corgan
1998-"Adore"-mixing and additional
production by Flood.
Sneaker Pimps:
"Becoming X"-some production work on it.
1987 -"The Joshua Tree"-Engineer 
1987-"Where the Streets Have No Name"-Engineer 
1987-"With or without You"-Engineer 
1987-"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Look"-Engineer 
1991-"Achtung Baby!"-Engineer 
1993-"Zooropa"-Produced with Eno and The Edge 

As we've found out from other sites,
personal information on the man, 
Flood himself is hard to find. If you
have info on him, email me
Real Name: Mark Ellis
Birthplace: Somewhere in the U.K.
Relation to the Pumpkins: Producer 
of Mellon Collie and the Infinite
Sadness, and did mixing and 
additional production on Adore.
Awards: Won Best Producer at the
1995 Wedge Awards
Releases: Excursions in Ambiance
 The Fourth Frontier (Astralwerks)
Partial Discography:
Depeche Mode:
1986-"A Question Of Lust"-contains 
Flood remix
1986-"Stripped"-contains mix by
1989-"Personal Jesus"-Produced with 
Depeche Mode 
1990-"Violator"-Produced with 
Depeche Mode. Some mixing by
1990-"Enjoy The Silence"-Produced
with Depeche Mode 
1990-"World In My Eyes"-Produced 
with Depeche Mode 
1993-"Songs Of Faith And Devotion"- 
Produced with Depeche Mode. Mixed 
with Mark Stent, Depeche Mode 
1993-"I Feel You"-Produced with 
Depeche Mode 
1993-"Walking In My Shoes"-
Produced with Depeche Mode 
1993-"Condemnation"-Side B
Produced with Depeche Mode 
1994-"In Your Room "-Produced with 
Depeche Mode 
New Order:
Most information on Flood comes from a website(can't remember the address) by
Bob Kelly.