Hallelujah, I’m in love with a girl from the country
She’s got no money just a smile I’m in love with
We go running I don’t care where to till the mourning
There’s a part of you that never dies I’m in love with

If I give you everything you’ll ever need and it all comes down to

Your half smile, country mile, angel child 

When night is falling you dream of city lights
You hear them calling you hold my hand and then we
Cry i’m in love with

And I can’t find any other way to live and it all comes back to

Your half smile, country mile, angel child

Want you to stay, want you to sway, want you

I’m in love with you 
I’m in love with you


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Summer 1997
Written by:
James Iha
Available on:
Let It Come Down
Other Info:
"This is one of the first songs where I started experimenting with alternate tunings, which
gives it this wide-open sound. It's a nostalgic, naive love song with these real intimate 
vocals and lyrics." said James Iha.
(Source: The Official James Iha Website(jamesiha.com) )