(acoustic demo version 2)
In the eyes beholding
Aspects of arcane pleasures
Shaking in our magnet measures
To repair, learn to you
I am your bone shattered
I am your breath seeking
I am your senses creaking
The chandeliers of light
It's about time
It's about fear
Blue skies bring tears
Flat pools of warm surrender
Cruel summer of ancient truth
The search was never-ending
Until I lay my claim on you
Think not of virgin terrors
Think not of your family
Rub out the burdened concepts
Are you ready to believe
In me this time
It's about fear
Blue skies bring tears
Ease to the blackened hallway
Ascend to the highest height
Call to the half-life lovers
Drowning in their wells of time
Ease down the blackened stairway
To a place that isn't fair
Unease the sure-fire captain
Drinking you to hell
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Late 1998
Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
Machina Acoustic Demos
Other Info:
One of several versions of the Machina song, "Blue Skies Bring Tears". This is one of two versions from recordings
Billy made at his house AKA Sadlands during Late 1998.