(acoustic demo version 1)
Love run the silent horses
Soft cry the shell shocked houses
Ring dry the salty tears of sailors
And their lovers
Bring forth the silent movies
Kiss of the twilight crimes
Bleach blonde the high wire groupies
Sucking up their time
Rain rust their creaky messes
Wind blows the temples down
Blood fills the exit tunnels
Streaking out of town
It's about time
It's about hear
Blue skies bring tears
Lungs clack the vapors anxious
Tears draining fleeing sources
Sit through their Sunday speeches
Delivered in thin air
Unleash the armageddon
Draw down the hungry
Kneel for the final verdict
Judges draw you near

Let fly model armies
Let fly the locust cry
Uncork the hidden forces
A massing to a lie
It's about time
It's about being here
Blue skies bring tears
Don't you want me?
I'll be there for you
Again, Emilia
You're the angel becoming
You are the angel descending
Cruel the dogs of winter
Barking in your ear
Shake loose the huddled masses
Spit on the urgent armies
Cracked tooth, the fading roses
Frozen since your burn
Fire all the dead tree soldiers
Shoot down the skeletal bells
I know means to crisis
That doesn't go through hell
It's about time
It's about fear
Blue skies bring tears
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Late 1998
Written by:
Billy Corgan
Available on:
Machina Acoustic Demos (official boot)
Other Info:
This song was first played during "The Arising" club tour, which marked the return of Jimmy Chamberlin to the band.
One of two acoustic demo versions of the song recorded by Billy at his house AKA Sadlands in Late 1998.