1. 1979
2. Ugly
3. The Boy*
4. Cherry
5. Believe
6. Set The Ray To Jerry*
Release Info:
Released on January 22,1996 as a CD, CS(cassette single), and a limited edition 12" vinyl 
by Virgin Records. Tracks with a * only available on international CD and CS, also available
in The Aeroplane Flies High box set.
Notable Names:
All songs written by Billy Corgan except The Boy and Believe, written by James Iha. All
songs produced by Billy Corgan, Flood, and Alan Moulder except The Boy and Believe by
James Iha and Kerry Brown.  Photography by Paul Elledge and design by Frank Olinsky.
Recorded(When and Where):
1979, Ugly, Cherry, and Set The Ray to Jerry recorded March-August 1995 at The Chicago
Recording Company. The Boy and Believe recorded March-August 1995 at Bugg Studios in
Chicago, Illinois. 1979 mixed at the Village Recorder, Chicago, Illinois, in August 1995.